Give Your Imaginations A 360-Degree Spin With An Animated Logo


In this modern age, digitalization has become an essential part of our lives. Be it related to transforming business operations, marketing processes, or any routine tasks, digitalization has simplified operations, made processes efficient, and our day-to-day needs are met in a better way. For businesses, it’s time to incorporate digitalization into their operations and leverage its conveniences. Brand making is crucial, and the latest business practices are best to fit it. But how you will make your business recognizable in the market is still a big question. Well, the most suitable answer to this question is an animated logo.

Animated Logo

A survey shows that about 57% of entrepreneurs are willing to spend $500 more from their budget to invest in their company logo design. This shows that businesses are well aware of logos and know its worth that how important it is for their establishment. A logo is more than an image that holds brand values, cores, mission, vision, and target audience. What does it mean to do is, represent a brand, convey its brand message, convince people to know more about it, and make purchases.

There are numerous types of logos, including letter-mark, wordmark, abstract, gradient, 3D, morphing, and much more. But as technology is moving fast, animation in logos has become a top choice for many enterprises.

What Is An Animated Logo?

Though logos are static images intended to attract customers with their appealing aesthetics, adding more elements to them can make the audience say WOW. Animation is the best way to make your company logo design unique, whereas its moving graphics will immediately draw viewers’ attention, making them lost in it.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that while animating your brand symbol, the purpose of its design and the company’s values must not be neglected. If one does this, the final design will be useless, and probably no one wants this to happen. Your animated logo must translate your business vision, and it is only possible when the most suitable design is chosen. After all, it’s a matter of your company’s recognition and reputation in the market.

How To Animate Your Logo?

How to animate my logo? It is a very common question that every new designer or entrepreneur asks themselves. Creating a static image or design is easy, but setting it to move is more than a challenge. With static designs, all you need to do is draw sketches, select colors, outline the design, and you are done. This is not enough in the case of motion graphics, and there is a lot more to consider.

Firstly, the logo should be made scalable because animations will put it into various metrics to show or give a sense of movement. With animations, your logo design will twist, bend, move back and forth, and even show vibrant color transitions that might attract you, customers, or viewers. To make your logo perfectly animated, one should choose a suitable design.

The Right Animation Format Is Crucial

Most importantly, some specific formats for animated logos are SVG files. However, static and animated images SVG files are infinitely scalable, independent of resolution, and lightweight. Thus, SVG file format is ideal for logo animations, making your brand design set perfectly on the business website or mobile app without impacting their performance.

Businesses Must Go For Animated Logo Designs!

Here are some important reasons every business must know and turn their static design into an animated one. Let’s go through them.

1. Draw Instant Attention

According to a US company’s research, it has been observed that 30% of customers look at the logo before they see products. It means that if they find the logo attractive, they might look at the product or try to learn more about brands. However, the percentage can be increased if companies focus on their logos and improve them to a better shape like the animated ones.

It is a common fact that movement gets attention, and logo animation is the best way to hook the audience and win their interest. Thus, logos are valuable assets to invest in.

2. Animate Logo For Better Storytelling

Videos are the most valuable assets and effective branding tools for any business. What they have in engaging content, attractive visuals, beautiful scenarios, and convincing scripts. All these elements collectively impact a brand’s strength, which leads to grabbing people’s attention, but keeping them hooked is harder until the logo is not appealing.
The thing is to make the audience remember you, and it is only possible when a logo has something more creative to show. Animation or motion graphics is the best way to show people something unique yet eye-catching, adding value to your brand’s presence.

3. Evoke Emotions

When we watch videos, we often feel surprised, intrigued, awed, excited, joyful, or a mix of these emotions, right? Have you thought of what has made you feel these? It’s the creation that makes videos engaging and grabs your attention. The same thing is with animated symbols making your brand story more interesting. Most importantly, logos are meant to evoke emotions, and animations make it possible with their powerful context and smooth transitions.

4. Encourage Engagement

A good story and emotional connection are the most important branding rules; from here, a business’s success journey begins. The question is how to make these happen? At first, realizing your brand’s potential is crucial because the more you come to know about this, the more creative ideas you will get to up customer engagement. The core purpose is to get people talking about your brand, discussing how you made them happy, and even participate in creating brand awareness. Remember that you can only stir up customer engagement if you choose the right design and animation style for your logo.


An animated logo is one of the best things that you must go for. It has everything that an ideal logo design should possess. Though it might cost you a bit more, it is a one-time investment that gives you long-term success. Once you have got an animated-style logo for your brand, the chances are you may need a few or minor changes to update it. It sound’s good that you do not need to invest more to revamp. Instead, a slight change in the design will be enough.


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