Bridesmaids’ Fashion Tips for a Summer Wedding


Being selected to be a bridesmaid in a wedding is an exciting and emotional time. Your job to support the bride and keep her from panic and anxiety is crucial. You’ll be responsible for doing all that while maintaining your fashion style and comfort on the bride’s big day. Instead of having your fashion sense challenged as a bridesmaid, continue reading to discover six fashion tips that will help you through the occasion. These tips ensure that your fashion sense won’t interfere with the bride’s wishes, especially for a summer wedding.

1. Select a Figure Flattering Dress

As a bridesmaid, do not let your figure hinder you when shopping for a dress. Instead, own it and select the most figure-flattering dress you can find in your style and fit.

Bridesmaids' Fashion Tips for a Summer Wedding

Today, many brides select a color palette and let their bridesmaids pick their dress style. However, brides are also opting for convertible dresses that are size flexible.

The convertible dress can be worn in 21 plus different ways, which means every bridesmaid can make it figure-flattering. They are the most versatile bridesmaid dresses and according to, with the convertible bridesmaid dress, “simple twists and tucks, you can create a whole new look in less time than it’ll take you to brush your hair.” Best of all, the convertible bridesmaid dress can be worn again after the wedding.

2. Get Airbrushed Makeup

Although the bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, there will be tons of eyes on the bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle. That is why having flawless makeup is vital. Airbrush makeup techniques also provide a picture-perfect look.

In addition to being lightweight, airbrush makeup covers imperfections and leaves the skin with a natural sheen. It does that by using a fine mist of foundation for an even, thin makeup application. Airbrush makeup also lasts hours longer than traditional makeup and can withstand heat, tear, humidity, and sweat.


For a bridesmaid, BYOB means bringing your bottle of SPF with you, especially if it is an outside wedding. Instead of allowing the skin to burn, it is recommended that SPF get reapplied every 2 hours. Therefore, slipping away into the bridesmaid quarters or restroom to reapply for SPF is vital.

In addition to SPF, bridesmaids should have a refresher bag that includes:

  • Wet wipes to refresh the neck, decollete, or underarm areas
  • Deodorant for refreshing
  • Hairspray, a comb, and bobby pins
  • Perfume or cologne

4. Go Light on the Accessories

A summer wedding means there will likely be a lot of heat and humidity. Therefore, bridesmaids should go lite on the accessories for the day. Having fewer accessories on means fewer areas for moisture to build.

Also, although necklaces can be flattering, they should be limited depending on the dress style. Plus, brides don’t want their guests to hear the clanking of bangles or jingles from charms on bracelets or ankles as the bridesmaid moves around. Therefore, bridesmaids must go lite on the jewelry for a wedding, especially a summer wedding.

5. Get a Dress That Compliments the Wedding Theme

One of the benefits of a summer wedding is the endless themes available. Some of the more popular themes include:

  • Rustic country theme
  • Garden theme
  • Beach theme
  • Fairy tale theme

While there are tons more summer themes, the point here is that a bridesmaid should consider and match the theme of the wedding. For instance, if the wedding is a romantic pink theme, the bridesmaid dress shouldn’t be dressed in a sunshine yellow gown. Instead, select a romantic-looking dress in a beautiful shade of pink.

6. Select a Fabric That Matches the Season

Although some bridesmaid dresses are trans-seasonal, there are far more that should only get worn during a specific time of the year. For a summer wedding, bridesmaids should look for light fabrics that are cool and breezy.

The length of summer bridesmaid dresses is optional and should entail on the bride’s preference. However, there are tons of options for the top of summer bridesmaid dresses. A bridesmaid can consider sleeveless, spaghetti straps, flowy short sleeves, one shoulder, or more.


As you have read, being a bridesmaid can be an exciting and emotional time. Being there for the bride’s big day while maintaining your fashion sense doesn’t have to be challenging. The six fashion tips for bridesmaids listed above guarantee that as a bridesmaid, your fashion sense will remain intact, and your bridesmaid duties will be smooth.


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