Do You Want to Start a Blog and YouTube Channel In 2023?


Whenever you create content to be used on YouTube, whether it’s, for example, a blog post, whether it’s a blog post, YouTube, or Instagram, there is a chance for you to reuse that content across multiple platforms.

unlimited YouTube views

Let’s say that you will create an online video for YouTube.

There are already:

  1. You’ve researched a subject related to an easy recipe, DIY tutorial or review of a favorite product, etc.
  2. Edited and recorded the video
  3. Snap beautiful pictures of your work
  4. Created a thumbnail image for the cover

The entire message you spoke of in the video could easily be turned into the form of a blog post.

You can include the thumbnail images in the blog post or screenshot the steps of your edited clip.

If you place your total concentration and focus on your YouTube site, it is possible that your blog might not be growing as quickly. But you’ll be building up a solid library of content that you can move your attention to later. You can get unlimited YouTube views with GoViral.

Put content everywhere

I believe that while you’re making content, you could as be able to leverage it by putting it on as many platforms as you can. However, it would help if you concentrated on developing only one platform at a time.

I am aware that when I put all my energy into YouTube 3 years ago, the channel increased between two and seventy-six thousand within a year. Recently it has grown smaller because I’ve been creating and improving the content of my program and placing all my attention on it.

My channel has been growing, and I’ve been by posting two videos per week. This allows me to keep my audience’s interest by retaining those subscribers that I have already.

Each time I make the latest content, like a new recipe, I snap pictures and post the photo on Instagram. I make a short video and post it on YouTube and Facebook. I write an article on my blog post and then design an image that I can pin the post on the Pinterest site.

I try to reply to comments as often as possible; however, whatever I focus on will grow most.

They’re all still expanding, and my readership is increasing.

Therefore, my suggestion is to concentrate only on one channel. In all honesty, I believe YouTube could be an excellent opportunity in the present. It seems like many bloggers aren’t creating videos. I think this is due to them thinking either-or.

I believe it’s prudent to concentrate on your blog and not post on YouTube!

The email list

Every blogger requires the ability to send emails. If viewers watch your post and then go away without joining an online network, likely, you may never get back in touch with them.

Diversify and diversify

The beauty of earning money online on multiple platforms is the DIVERSIFICATION.

At any given moment, I get affiliate sales from the blog post I wrote about a few years ago. I also earn sales of digital products mentioned in YouTube videos and sponsorship opportunities from those interested in publishing an Instagram post and many other revenue streams.

You can earn income diversification by putting your content everywhere possible and then repurposing the content into something that can be shared across all platforms.


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