What to Pack When Going Abroad


After your acceptance is confirmed, you’re all set for the day you’ll be leaving your friends and family behind and starting a new exciting stage of your life! You’re probably looking forward to boarding the plane to begin your new life as a student studying in another country. But, wait, there’s the minor matter of deciding what to bring. There isn’t a lot of clarity on the number of shoes you should bring along or whether that quilt can fit inside your luggage. There is also the issue of the weight limit that is set for you by the airlines. There’s no need to fret We are here to help you determine the best items to bring and you should not pack.

Focus on the Essentials

Create a list of all the necessary documents and papers that you are required to carry. Make sure you have your visa and passport along with the flight ticket address list, list of addresses, phone numbers, prescription documents (if there are any) and the details of your accommodation ready. These are items you’ll need easily accessible during your departure and return and so make sure you have them in your luggage.

What to Pack When Going Abroad

If you plan to carry a significant amount of money, think about buying a convenient carry-on bag to increase your security. Many of them have straps which can be tied to your waist. You can buy one on Flipkart and Jabong.

Keep it Light

We tend to pack too many clothes due to the fear that we’ll be short of something, therefore, by identifying the things you need to have and what you don’t, sorting it out is made more straightforward. Sort your clothes according to their purpose Sort the inner clothing from the outer and casuals from formals. Tie-ups, socks towels, shawls, jackets, swimwear, and winter clothing were separated. Consider the amount you will need in each category and take the appropriate measures.

After that, arrange your clothes inside your bag, and observe how much space they take up. If they’re overly crowded you should consider removing some of the other clothes. In general, you should ensure that you’re travelling as light as you can.


  • To make sure you have enough luggage space You could put on one of the jackets you are wearing on the day of your departure for your plane.
  • Be sure to bring enough winter clothing if the area you’re landing at is frigid. It could be necessary at the moment you land there.
  • Separate the items according to the importance of your requirements This will help you to take them out when you arrive at your destination. This can be useful when you’re trying to get just a handful of things from your suitcase. For instance, if you’re required to remove only your towel after you arrive at your hotel it is not necessary to open everything immediately in order to access it.
  • You should consider packing a set of clothes in your bag in the event that you need to stay in a hotel or another type of temporary accommodation once you have arrived at your destination.
  • Press your clothing with an iron box to ensure it’s easier to fold and pack them.
  • Find a bag light and durable, so that it doesn’t increase the overall weight of your baggage. Most of the time it is heavier than the trolley.
  • Don’t pack too many formal clothes as you will likely use the formal wear only sparingly. It is possible to pack two full-sleeved shirts along with a blazer, tie, and two pants. It is only necessary to wear them at formal events such as the day of placement or graduation day, as well as other occasions of culture. It is expected that you wear semi-formal or casual clothes more often.
  • Remove anything that isn’t necessary. It’s a fact that we can’t emphasize enough. It is possible to buy these items in the country that you’re moving to. An additional pair of shoes or other toiletries can be bought after you settle into your new home.
  • Take fragile and costly things like laptops and camera in your bag to ensure they don’t get damaged due to any careless handling of your luggage or by airport personnel.
  • Kitchen appliances such as electric rice cooker induction stoves, and even vessels can take up lots of weight and space; therefore, even if you’re someone who cooks in the kitchen, you should not take them with you. You can either buy these items in the country or rent an apartment that is equipped with kitchen equipment.

Electronic Items

The most important thing to have is an adapter that can power all of your electronic devices to operate without any issues. Get yourself one online from retailers like Flipkart.
Alongside your camera and laptop, In addition, you’ll need to locate a space to store the chargers (both for your camera and phone) as well as the MP3 player (optional) and an electric razor. If you don’t have all of these think about buying these in the country you’re travelling to. This will save you important space in your suitcase.

Optional Items

There are certain items that fall in between the must-carry and should-not-carry lists. Consider items such as books, stationery DVDs, and other recreational items (like gaming consoles) depending on the space left after packing the remainder. Also, activate foxsports com to watch your favourite sports while you travel anywhere.

There are a lot of toiletries as well as products such as creams, lotions and cosmetics that can be sorted out according to the urgency of demands. It is likely that you will require slippers and shoes, but you can limit the amount of pairs you take with you depending on your needs of yours and space in the luggage.

Don’t keep anything that is not sufficient for the immediate needs. You are able to purchase similar items in the future. Check out my amazing summer dessert recipe for coping with these hot sunny days.

What to Avoid:

  • Don’t pack jewelry in your luggage. Wear your jewellery in the event that you want to carry some.
  • Don’t leave sharp objects behind, such as knife blades, scissors, and other sharp objects. These items are not allowed on all flights.
  • Avoid packing food or other items that are perishable; they could cause a mess when they spill out of your luggage.
  • Do not carry deodorants, additional soap bars shampoos, or other products for your bathroom. You can buy them all at a foreign store.
  • Things like blankets, quilts pillows, covers for pillows and bedspreads can be omitted. Most likely, your lodging will provide you with all of them however should you be compelled to bring one of these you can make it an easy bedspread.

Bon Voyage

Create a list of all the items you’re carrying and keep the list in your bag. If your luggage is stolen by the airline on arrival, you could have to write down what you’ve packed as well as its value in order to claim reimbursement.

The best packing solution is to not take more than 2 bags and one handbag. Take only what you need and choose bags that weigh less and are simple to carry.

These are just a couple of our suggestions for you to pack your bags for your travels to another country. We hope you’ve found these suggestions useful.


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