5 Maternity Fashion Style Tips


If you’re a fashion-conscious mother-to-be, and if you’re looking for comfort, protection and style altogether, there are many ways to repurpose your existing wardrobe to look good. While it will be fairly difficult to look perfect at all times, being comfortable is key when you’re pregnant.

Fashion Style

Buying maternity clothes towards the latter part of your pregnancy is ideal if you’re unable to fit into anything baggy in your wardrobe. While wearing tight-fitting clothes might reduce the look of your baby bump at first, it is severely advised against it by experts as it leads to other health issues.

Breathable Fabrics

If you’re wearing the clothes that you already have, or looking to shop for maternity clothes, it is advised to always go ahead with soft breathable, cotton, or linen-like fabrics as they will provide maximum comfort even during the winter time periods. While wearing tight jeans is a bit of a process when you’re pregnant, choosing loose-fitting pants, and skirts with soft fabrics will offer enough comfort for the young mums.

Sticking to Flowy Clothes

Finding clothes that are free-flowing and baggy from the beginning of your pregnancy will give you enough time to wear them multiple times in the future as well as leading up to the birth. Flowy tops and flowy dresses will frame well over the baby bump, and also ensure that the mother is not comfortable. You can always physically visit stores to buy clothes. You can also buy maternity clothes online Australia offers a variety of online shops that will deliver items of choice to your doorstep.


As mentioned, having tight-fitting clothing during the pregnancy will often pose health risks for the mother. So, finding clothes with elastic waistbands, and loose-fitting skirts will be the most ideal during your pregnancy. You can always find flattering jeans and even office pants that are expertly covered up to maintain your look.

Adding Layers

If you’re repurposing your existing wardrobe during the first few months of your pregnancy, adding layers to your tops is one option to look stylish. Wearing a tight-fitting tee with a button-down baggy shirt added in will give you a more holistic look especially if you’re trying to downplay your baby bump. Adding in baggy tank tops and cami tops over tight-fitting tees is another way to work around your existing clothes.

Shift Dresses

These dresses are ones that can be worn throughout the pregnancy period. If they’re made with thick knit fabric, they stretch as your belly grows. While they do not very figure flattering, if you’re planning on not drawing much attention to your belly, these are the perfect dresses that will give less prominence to your baby bump. Stocking up on a few will not be a waste as they can be worn even after the pregnancy period.

Expecting mothers can always get creative with their existing clothes when they’re expecting. Finding ways to style them in a manner that’s flattering to them. Mothers may choose to hide the changes that their body goes through or even boldly show it off depending on how they feel. Either way, this exciting transformation can be celebrated through your sense of style and fashion.


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