Top Property Management Companies in Windsor


Property Management companies are booming in Windsor, Ontario. After conducting inspections, ratings, and reviews, we have shortlisted the best ones here. This article enlists the top 8 Property Management Companies in Windsor.

Property Management

1. Property Hunters Inc.

With Property Hunters Inc. you get the best services as a real estate investor and a homeowner. They have been working towards excellence since 2007. They have various specializations. It includes condominiums, homes, duplexes, multiplexes, and many more. As a client, you will receive professional and responsive services from them. Their main goal is to deliver excellent customer service and enrich their lives. Even as an investor, they can help you turn your property into a profitable investment. Their specialty includes- maintenance, management, financial reporting, and inspections. They also include other services like tenant placement, screening, and property leasing.

2. Francis Rentals

With Francis Rentals, you get the most professional property management services in Windsor. The service includes helping in managing the properties of homeowners, landlords, and businesses. Their staff let the client increase their investment. They do so by setting the best and a reasonable price. They have a rigorous screening system in place. They inspect the tenants in a proper way before giving them away the property. You will also get accurate information about the property’s upkeep. They do so by getting the details like invoices and receipts of the contractor. Their main goal is to provide professional service with high integrity. They will help you maximize the returns of your investment. Their set of specialties includes maintenance, rent collection, tenant screening, and many more.

3. DMK Property Management Inc.

DMK Property Management is one of the best ones in Windsor. They have been serving for over ten years to the local community. Their office is in Tecumseh Mall. Their president, Ms. Deborah Meyer is the president and the owner of the company. The company reports to a Board about the financial and operational needs. Their specialty is in residential property management, rent collection, and tenant screening. They are famous for having a client-centric approach to their services.

4. Palladium Realty and Management

Being highest rated amongst their clients, Palladium Realty and Management offers great services. As an out-of-state investor, they can guide you through the process and details. They provide insightful and professional service about property management. They give you services like maintenance, management, tenant placement, and screening.

5. Reynolds Property Solutions

Reynolds Property Solutions provide one of the best services in Windsor. They specialize in brush control, forestry mulching, and many more. They offer professional services and make an extra effort to beautify your property. Their clients have given excellent reviews about their services.

6. Turnkey Property Solutions

If you need your real estate transactions to be hassle-free, then Turnkey is the right place for you. You might be an investor or a buyer, their process is in place to give you the best quality service.

7. Home 2 Home Properties

They are one of the best service providers in Windsor. They can manage any kind of property starting from homes to large building complexes. This organization is well-known for its strong client relations and communications. They provide sustainable solutions for your home. They have a lot of experience with different types of clients for a long time. They know how to cater to the unique needs of each client. Their main aim is to provide an effective solution to all property-related issues. They have strong communication with their clients and that is what sets them apart.

8. Marda Management

Marda Management is a full-service company providing property management. The best thing about them is their client-centric approach to any issue. They have a lot of specializations. They include pre-rental analysis, tenant screening, and rent collections. They also have property marketing and many more. They also have 24/7 customer care to help you with property-related issues.

Property Management Services are very essential for an investor or a first-time buyer. Thus, you have to make wise choices while selecting the services. The main thing to focus on while searching for the best service is the client review. That is what will reflect the actual working of the company.


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