Blue World City Islamabad – Best Real Estate Project in Islamabad


The first Pakistan-China housing society established in collaboration with the Chinese is Blue World City, a sizable housing project started by the Blue Group of Companies. It was designed with Shan Jian MEC’s input. It is close to the Rawalpindi ring road and the Chakri intersection.

Owner of Blue World City

SaadNazir, the son of Chaudhary Nazir, a former deputy commissioner of Lahore, is the owner of The Blue World City (BWC). Despite its scale, this affordable housing project has a straightforward payment schedule, which attracts investors. Its proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi increases its allure as an investment.

Blue World City Islamabad – Best Real Estate Project in Islamabad

This housing plan is being developed by Chinese investment and will offer a market for Pakistani and Chinese manufacturers with simple access to local and international customers through the CPEC route (Near the New Islamabad International Airport is the M-2 Motorway).

Blue Group of Companies Information

In Lahore, Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989. The business’s first services included construction and architectural design. The business soon attracted the interest of respected investors, and today it is not just one of Pakistan’s top five real estate development corporations but also well-known worldwide.

Since that time, the business has put a lot of effort into positioning itself as a one-stop shop for several services, including marketing, architectural design, construction, IT support, and commercial printing. BGC has also entered the retail industry. It now owns a number of convenience shops and apparel businesses.

Blue World City NOC

On the basis of a letter, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has issued BWC the No Objection Certificate. In 2019, this group was granted preliminary planning authorization for a 427 Kanal-sized plot of land. Following application submission, the society was added to the list of processing societies. A proper approval was given to the Blue World City NOC. It is entirely lawful for this housing society.

Blue World City Location

Both the Thalian and Chakri Interchanges provide quick access to Blue World City, which is situated on Chakri Road. Thalian Interchange is closer to Islamabad, though. The main entryway from Islamabad to a number of the Chakri Road neighbourhoods is anticipated to be the Thalian Interchange.

Blue World City Islamabad is close to a number of housing societies, including Capital Smart City, Star Agro Farms, Royal Farmhouses, Khanial Homes, and the Green Oaks Agro Farm Houses. The housing development is also adjacent to the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) junction planned for Chakri Road.

By making it easier to access from all areas of Rawalpindi as well as Zones IV and V of Islamabad, Chakri Road, including Giga Mall, Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA housing society, and Bahria enclave, as well as other nearby real estate projects, the Rawalpindi Ring Road has further added significance to this community. As a result, it is anticipated that Blue City Islamabad’s price would rise along with the demand for real estate.

Blue World City Facilities

The Blue World Housing Society is fantastic not only because of its handy location but also because of its first-rate amenities, which will probably make members’ lives more convenient than before. Here is a detailed breakdown of the excellent facilities:

  • BWC Hospital
  • 7-Star Hotel
  • State-of-the-Art Gym
  • Blue World Cineplex
  • Security Room
  • Parks
  • Blue World Shopping Mall
  • Blue World Café
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Safari zoo
  • Oxygen Park and lake
  • Gas, water & electricity
  • Gated community
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Water filtration system

General Block of Blue World City

The General Block plays a significant role in Blue World City’s social life. General Block will offer a complete lifestyle at an affordable price thanks to its exquisite design. For individuals looking for a secure, reasonably priced, and practical place to live, beautiful green parks, spacious roads, and cityscapes with pavements, street lighting, and flowerbeds are ideal.

Blue World City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block was created especially for Pakistanis living abroad who aspire to have luxurious lives in Pakistan. To produce a fully realized master-planned community development, various sizes of plots and villas, ranging from 7 to 10 Marla and 1 to 2 Kanal, are developed inside the overseas block. A gated community that is secure has been developed in response to the need of Pakistanis living overseas. This block has a number of distinctive qualities, including:

  • Modernized Security Measures
  • Modern hospitals, educational institutions, and the Mosque
  • Lagoon Club
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Green Service Area
  • E-Tag System

Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Complex is a privately managed low-cost housing complex for middle-class and lower-class households. It is a real effort to alleviate Pakistan’s housing issue by providing a luxury community living at affordable prices under the concept of “A Home for Every Family.” Additionally, it is quite accessible. These distinctive elements are present in this gated community:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Hospitals and mosques
  • Recreational parks and zoos
  • Plant for filtering water


One of Islamabad’s premier housing developments, Blue World City Islamabad is sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Blue World City has officially been accepted as a project by the District Council, which is fantastic news for both citizens and investors. Congratulations to all members. The long-awaited determination of RDA and district council jurisdiction has been made by the government.

All residential societies’ NOCs must be provided by the district council of Rawalpindi in accordance with the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, which was signed on December 11, 2021, by Governor Punjab. Whereas Blue World City was given a NOC by the district council in letter number. 532 / 10/D.C. dated 07-08-2018! Which, with the issuance of Local Affronts Ordinance 2021, has finally reached its conclusion.


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