How to draw a cliff


Cliff is drawing in just eight easy steps! Cliffs can have a very different feel depending on the situation. This means they are sometimes a breathtaking sight to behold and behold, but they can also be dangerous and treacherous. They are still a majestic sight, and many people have tried to capture this beauty by learning to draw a cliff face. This manual is for you if you like to immortalize a beautiful cliff with your drawing. Our step-by-step guide on drawing a cliff will walk you through the process and show you how to recreate this majestic cliff! easy landscape drawing.

How to draw a cliff

How To Draw A Cliff – Allows Call Activated!

Step 1

We’ll keep it pretty simple in this first step of our guide on drawing a cliff. We’ll start at the grassy top of the cliff using thin, jagged lines to outline this area. There will be a big space on it, but we’ll fill it in later. Once done, we will draw curved but slightly jagged lines for the side of the cliff. We’ll draw it like this to give the cliff a nice, rocky look.

Step 2: Followership, withdraw some more different the escarpment.

This double background of your cliff picture will see you counting more to the cliff and the surrounding landscape. Start by drawing more curved lines for the top of the cliff. You can also add some small jagged parts for the grass to grow on top. There is a small space left where we will add a tree later. Finally, for this step, we will draw the beginning of the beach under the cliff by drawing a long curved line underneath. That’s it for this part, so move on to step 3!

Step 3: Now, remove some more points for the bluff.

In step 3 of this focus on releasing a precipice, we will restart to add some detail to the different areas of it. We’ll start this by drawing the roots of the tree’s base in that blank space we left earlier. Then you can complete this step by adding lines plus rounding inside the outline of the side of the cliff, as shown in the reference image.

Step 4 – Next, draw some additional details for the top of the cliff

We will add some dry areas in the grass on top of the cliff drawing in this next part. We’ll draw irregular shapes on top of the cliff using wavy lines. This kind of effect should be used sparingly because you don’t want the top of the cliff to look too bad. We found a good balance in our reference image, so do your best to make it look like our version if you can!

Step 5: Currently, remove the remainder of the tree.

Let’s go back to the tree you started drawing earlier in this guide on drawing a cliff. Using the base, stretch the trunk a little, then transfer a few protruding branches. We then outline the leafy top of the tree using another bumpy line forming the general shape of the tree canopy. That’s all for now; go to step 6.

Step 6 – Next, draw more landscapes

For this and the following piece of your bluff representative, we will focus more on the surrounding landscape than the cliff itself. For now, we’ll draw the ocean or maybe the lake overlooked by the cliff. Start by drawing rounded shapes for large rocks near the top of the body of water. Then finish with some straighter lines for the top of the waterline.

Step 7 – Finish the Rest of the Decor

Before coloring your amazing work of art, we will complete the final touches for this stage of our direction on how to remove a cliff. This suggests that we will count a little more on the surrounding terrain. On the other flank of the body of moisture, we counted a small cliff with grass above it. Then we used curved lines for some small mountains on the horizon. You can also add your additional elements and details, so what would you add to that perfect scene?

Step 8: Now finish with some color.

The last part of your cliff drawing will see you finish with amazing colors. We showed you only one way to do this in our consideration impression, as we held the shades lovely and sunny with lots of blues and gardens. You can start a distinct look for this.


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