A Bike Trip to Heaven in Leh, Ladakh


Every biker’s final dream could be a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip. ranging from unbelievable landscapes unfold across high-altitude mountain passes to stunning alpine lakes in reminder blues and greens, Ladakh is sort of a dream that one simply can’t get over. Once your heart desires, you recognize there’s no stopping until you kick off on the Leh Ladakh road trip.

 Bike Trip  

About the Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

The old adage “there’s beauty everywhere, all you’ve got to try and do is simply look around” is faithful to the core once it involves the hypnotic Leh Ladakh travel. Giving scenic vistas of 1 of the trip to Leh Ladakh India is all regarding the texture of snow-covered mountains, rugged landscape, soaring peaks, dangerous routes, and roaring bike engines, In conclusion, a Ladakh bike tour is all about the good feelings and, as a result, the rider’s eternal spirit.

When is the best time to ride a motorcycle in Leh Ladakh?

The best time to go to Ladakh by bike is from the Gregorian calendar month to September. These months change the rockers to relish the traveller circuits of Ladakh, the maximum amount as they enjoy their Lahaul & Spiti trip. However, most riders enjoy starting their year with this crazy bike trip. Ladakh offers charming vistas which may be cherished around the year aside from monsoon season.

A Bike Trip’s Optimal Duration

Depending on masses of factors much like the path you’ve taken, your whole schedule, and withinside the Depending on the weather, a fantastic period for a Leh Ladakh bike trip could last fifteen days or more. Also, this period is apt as soon as one opts for Manali to Leh bike experience from Delhi.

Price of a Bike Trip in Ladakh

First things first, you ought to work out your budget. The Leh Ladakh bike trip cost will vary based on the sort of hotel you choose. Choose  food you decide on to eat. Still, a mean budget is often arrived upon considering basic factors reminiscent of accommodation, meals, and fuel. Hence, below traditional circumstances, you’ll find yourself defrayal or so ₹35,000 for a visit to Leh Ladakh on bike for 15-days. Your cost also will vary in step with your Leh Ladakh bike trip route. This includes the cost of permits as well as other additional fees related to the Leh Ladakh cycling tour.

The Best Bike Tour Route in Leh, Ladakh

Considering Delhi as a starting point for a Leh Ladakh bike tour, Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh are two options.that provide the most straightforward road conditions and scenic views The Srinagar-Leh route does not intersect and forms a complete circle from beginning to end.The Leh Ladakh bike ride route from Manali encircles the steep Himalayan regions, providing more views while increasing the level of difficulty and risk.

Route 1: Srinagar-Leh-Return

Delhi – Jalandhar – Jammu – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh – Karu – Sarchu – Manali – Route Map

Distance Covered: around 2,295 kilometres

Route 2: Manali To Leh And Return

Delhi – Manali – Sarchu – Leh – KhardungLa – Nubra Valley – Kargil – Srinagar – Delhi – Manali – Sarchu – Leh – KhardungLa – Nubra Valley – Kargil – Srinagar – Delhi – Manali – Manali – Sarchu – Leh

Distance Covered: around 2,569 kilometres

Route 3: Delhi To Leh And Back

Route Map:Delhi, Manali, Sarchu, Leh, KhardungLa, Nubra Valley, Kargil, and Srinagar

Distance Covered: around 2,022 kilometres


There are plenty of budget edifices in Leh Ladakh whereby one will notice simple accommodation choices among the vary of ₹500 to ₹2,500 per person, on a double sharing basis, and as well as taxes (as per booking.com).

Hence, the speed for a median accommodation with the most effective amenities, comfort, and ratings, can value If you want a budget, you should budget between ₹500 to 2,500 a night per individual Luxury or hotel Considering the lower limit, a 15-day trip can cost you a rough figure Accommodation costs ₹7,500. Let’s round it up to $8,000 per individual

Places to see

Are you unsure what to see and do on your Leh Ladakh bike vacation in 2022? Make your journey to Ladakh centred on these must-see sights.

Zanskar Valley

Blue-hued tones and delightful brown will solely be witnessed at the famed Zanskar vale that is enclosed by the huge snow-covered peaks on all sides. One visit to the active vale is bound to go away; you are charmed forever. In winters, the stream gets frozen giving adventurers an opportunity to try and do the famous veil Trek wherever folks beat out the frozen ice for days.

Pangong Tso

Popularly called the Pangong Tso Lake, this natural marvel set within the lap of Ladakh may be a must-visit tourer attraction on your Leh Ladakh bike trip. The lake, located in the heart of the Himalayas, stretches for approximately 134 kilometres and offers breathtaking views of the country’s mountains. The lake is so large that sixty % of the lake’s length lies in China creating it one amongst the most important lakes in Asia.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

Much celebrated to be one in every of the famous monasteries in Ladakh, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa or Namgyal Tsemo religious residence is found right within the heart of Leh district. It’s believed that Ladakh’s King Tashi Namgyal supported the monastery in 1430, which is a home to the famous golden sculpture of Maitreya Buddha.You can even see it from the highest point of the Leh Royal Palace.. If you’re staying in the city of Leh, this can be one of the simplest places to go to nearby.

Three Things To Do On Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

If you need to get excessive adrenaline, those are a number of the exhilarating stuff you need to do not forget doing on your Leh Ladakh bike trip.

The Khardung La is an excellent place to test your riding abilities

Any biker who is coming up with a visit to Leh already has the ride to Khardung La on his list. Set at an agonising height of 18,379 feet. and set at a distance of approximately forty kilometres from Leh, Khardung La Pass is one amongst the foremost dangerous motor-able roads in India. difficult the youth subculture and also the drivers within the face, your Leh Ladakh A bike trip isn’t complete unless you ride through the “Pass of Lower Castle.” This is one of the simplest places to visit on a motorcycle trip to Ladakh.”

Experience The Magic Of Nubra Valley

Serenity is what moves one’s thoughts on accomplishing the famend Nubra Valley. The valley is popularly recognized as “the valley of flora ” relating to the lovely and colourful blooming flora which might be really well worth a go to the Nubra Valley. It is one of the best-observed treasures of Ladakh which you need to in reality go to in your bike experience to Ladakh.

For some peace and quiet, go to the Shanti Stupa

Perched atop a hill, the famed Shanti Stupa is at an associate degree elevation of a whooping 4267 metres. providing broad views of Leh, it’s a requirement for the youth subculture to witness either sunrise or a surprising sunset from the Shanti Stupa. It’s one of the simplest places to seek out peace and tranquillity. The stupa is blessed to be settled amidst the wondrous surroundings of Nature ,  you will additionally find relics of previous Buddhism culture within the shrine

famed for: Tranquil ambiance, cultural richness, fascinating history

Things to do: fancy photography, watch enticing views

Why Take a Bike Ride in Leh, Ladakh?

Other than being a captivating experience, a Leh Ladakh trip on bike is certainly about to be the foremost unforgettable experience. you may get to check Ladakh because it is in its original flavour. Despite being on a motorbike trip, you’ll also value it more highly to opt for one in every of the most exquisite experiences i.e  inhabitants in Leh. You’ll also choose to reside in luxurious Ladakh resorts, hotels, homestays and cottages. You can go on safaris and journey tours to explore this heavenly land, among other things.


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