How to Stand with People This New Year?



Our world has just passed through a phase of tremendous uncertainty and misery. So many among us are still suffering from the aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The underprivileged section, striving hard to make ends meet, is now wholly dependent upon the help of fellow brothers and sisters. And it is not the COVID-19 pandemic; things have taken an unfortunate turn in the last few years. The economic crisis in which all countries are currently trapped directly translates into an added misery for the disadvantaged community in any country on the globe.

Stand with People

The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic still continue to jolt our lives. The recovery process is expected to be lengthy, a journey that many factors will influence. Take the financial factor as an example. Millions are still suffering from the economic misery that the pandemic brought with it. Record inflation and low incomes are not helping the situation. With many not having a job at all, the situation warrants the application of extraordinary measures. In this brief, we will talk about how you can support underprivileged people this New Year.

A Helping Hand Goes a Long Way!

Now, we know that some of you are worried about the impact of your donation. But, folks, help is help. That’s the first thing that you have to remember. The contribution size rarely matters. What matters the most are your intentions. And if your intention is to spread smiles on someone’s gloomy face once more, every penny donated to that cause is worth it. Our society is enwrapped in this big bubble of grief and sorrow, and it is nothing like what humanity has experienced before. The only way out of this is to come together, stand united in these testing times and support our fellow humans who are in desperate need of assistance of any kind.

Find An Occasion

If you are struggling to find a way to help those in distress, giving charity on special occasions is one subtle way of doing it. The New Islamic year is almost on us; Charities in Muharram are a perfect way of helping out the underprivileged people this new Islamic year. However, that’s not the only way you can contribute to this cause of the greater good. Easter donations. Christmas donations. Diwali donations. Any donation given on a special day gives you a perfect excuse for contributing to the welfare of the disadvantaged in the community.

The next question in this debate is about where you can donate. Well, there are plenty of options for you in this regard. You can donate either offline or online. By offline, we mean you can try finding a person in your neighborhood and give them the assistance they need. You can search for a charity or foundation actively working for underprivileged people’s welfare online. One such option that you can consider in this regard is Transparent Hands. But remember, it is not the only option out there!


The new Islamic year is upon us once more, and the world of charity is abuzz with the mentions of Muharram donations. This is yet another subtle way of helping the people in need; these Muharram donations can prove to be a true lifesaver. Muslims worldwide donate as much as possible in the holy month of Muharram. So, if you have got the giving bug recently, Muharram donations are your opportunity to help the underprivileged community in your country. Just like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Diwali, and Eid donations, the Muharram donations are an excellent help for the needy and the poor.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is the world’s biggest web-based crowdfunding portal; the trust organization has made excellent use of digital technology for the sake of helping the underprivileged. It concerns itself with the provision of free healthcare services of primary nature to the underprivileged patients in the country. This organization collects donations from donors worldwide; these donations are directed toward medical and surgical treatments. Apart from that, the organization also organizes free medical camps in the country’s remote areas. Through its crowdfunding portal, donors can donate to any cause or campaign that appeals to their hearts. One hundred percent transparency is a hallmark feature of this organization’s operations.

Final Thoughts

Right then, that would be all from this brief. We hope that your overall awareness of this beautiful aspect of festive events and religious months has increased considerably. Christmas donations. Muharram donations. New year donations. And many others; the list can go on, but the point isn’t to bore you. The point is to stress the fact that these events are a source of hope for millions all around the world. On an optimistic note that you will donate more to organizations like Transparent Hands on occasions like these, we bid you farewell from this brief!


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