5 Trekking Tips that Will Help You to Trek Anywhere in India


Travelling is a passion for many people, and the majority of them take pleasure in trekking across the different parts of the world. But some people are making it for the first time to trek and do not know about the do’s and don’ts of trekking, like what they should carry along and what things to follow before preparing a mind for which destination to choose as a newbie to trekking. So here are the five most essential trekking tips that you must take care of if you want to make your trekking experience out of the world.

5 Trekking Tips that Will Help You to Trek Anywhere in India

1. Know the topography of the area before the trek

It is the most crucial step that you need to follow, and you cannot skip to check out the topography of the area you are going for a trek. It will help you understand the risks and highs of that location and how to save yourself in case of disaster, and other dangers and things you must know as a tourist to that area. So this is the duty of a responsible trekker or traveler to see the place where you are going to travel in a better way.

2. Do your packing smartly

This is another essential step that needs you to be extra careful if you want to avoid all sorts of hurdles. Make sure you keep it light but not forget the necessary trekking paraphernalia. Keep a first aid kit, clothes according to weather, emergency energy boosters, snacks, torch and a knife ready in your bag. You cannot forget to bring along a water bottle to quench your thrust while trekking. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other stuff related to personal hygiene will make a kit in your bag. Do not overdo with your bag else, and you will not be able to carry it along for a long while.

3. Never miss out on weather forecast

The next thing that you must check out on the internet is the weather forecast for the area you will explore. Make sure you have a check on the estimates for all those days for which you are going to stay on a trek. Do not dare to go out on hills in bad weather conditions as it can cost you your life; even so, be patient and wise before you choose your trek. If the weather is not suitable for your tour and you have taken a leave from work, you can change your trekking location in such a scenario.

4. Choose a landscape that matches your trekking skills

Do not run in extra energy and enthusiasm and make a blunder of choosing a place that you cannot trek through. Just begin from the beginning and start with the easy trek, which is trodden by many. Suppose you find such trekking normal and think that you have the energy to trek something hard, then it just picks a step up and then moves from simple to complex trekking points. That is how it will help you to become a pro and regular trekker.

5. Never go solo

If you plan your trek solo, then the world has no more idiots except you. This is because solo track means you are putting your life at risk. Treks are in hilly areas which are prone to the risk of wildlife now and then. As a result, you might invite a wild animal to engulf you if going solo on such treks. A crowd and professional team to assist trekkers is always helpful and never make a mind to tour any point without having a local guide.

If you are fond of trekking and going to start in no time, then follow the trekking above tips to avoid the risks of trekking in advance.


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