5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Great For Dogs


Nothing looks more playful than a dog happily wagging its tail in the family yard, but sometimes that beautiful grass may not be the ideal surface for your four-legged friend. Sometimes artificial turf can be as beneficial for your dog as it is for a professional athlete. Here are five reasons why artificial grass is a great surface for your dog.

Greater Durability

We have all seen those messy areas where a busy dog has worn through the grass and is forced to play on bare dirt–which immediately turns into mud with the first sprinkles of rain. Your dog gets dirty and ends up tracking mud onto sidewalks, doors, and floors, which can dramatically reduce your pooch’s daily snack rewards.

5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Great For Dogs

Artificial turf can tolerate hours and hours of fetching and rolling over, as well as your dog’s daily patrols along the fence to monitor the movements of the neighbor’s dog or those sneaky felines from across the street. The system is designed to optimize drainage so that your yard remains puddle-free. The result is a clean play area no matter how busy your dog is, and that keeps the outdoors from coming indoors.

Reduced Pest Load

Another big advantage of fake grass for dogs is the reduction in flea and tick populations. These pests naturally live in grass, camping out on the tall blades and waiting to jump aboard a passing animal or person. This is part of what makes it so hard to have a dog who lives both indoors and outdoors.

Ticks need tall grass at least four inches high to hang out on, but we all know how hard it is to maintain that height all year without stressing your grass to its limits. Artificial turf eliminates these loafing areas for pests, reducing health risks to both your family and your dog.

Chemical-Free Play

We live in a lawn-crazy world with every homeowner trying to outdo the neighbors in weed control and grass color. The result is the frequent use of fertilizers and pesticides to keep up with the Joneses (and the Smiths, and the Garcias…). All these chemicals are hazardous to your pets and bad for the environment.

The better option is to go with artificial turf. It stays the same weed-free shade of green no matter what the weather does. That means your loyal companion never has to be exposed to any kind of health threats from the upkeep of your lawn.

No Mowing!

Another big point of lawn upkeep is mowing. When the people at 312 Main Street now, it’s never long before 310 and 314 fire up their own mowers. For many dogs, lawnmowers are sort of the outdoor equivalent of vacuum cleaners. The two are natural enemies, and Rover will just want to get away. Dogs who do tolerate the noise are in danger from flying debris, especially from trimmers. They just don’t understand how dangerous it is to be close by while their human is playing this weird game of tag.

With artificial turf, your mowing days are over. You’ll save gas, sweat, and time, but the most important thing for the canines in your life is that you won’t be doing anything that is frightening or dangerous in their play area. The yard stays at an even height all year long with no hazards to your dog.

Elimination of Eye Irritation

No matter how often you mow, there will always be a few weeds or seed heads that stick up above the rest of the grass. Dandelions and other gangly plants love to get as tall as they can, and when your dog is outside chasing bugs or fetching a ball, those weeds can often poke them in the eye. This can lead to irritation and even injuries to the eye.

Artificial turf takes care of that. The consistent height of the grass makes it easy for your dog to avoid eye injuries and irritation while enjoying active outdoor time.

Providing the right environment for your pet goes far beyond keeping the dinner bowl full and the fence intact. It also means giving your dog a surface that is clean, healthy, safe, and durable for play and rest. Artificial turf could be just the thing for your dog and family to enjoy together.


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