Foodie Guide to Celebrate Any Occasion with Copper Chimney


In India, North Indian cuisine is regarded as the supreme cuisine. North Indians and their cuisine cannot be separated.

Compared to other regions of the country, North Indians are recognized as severe food enthusiasts, and cooking for this group is no less than a ritual.

The Mughal empire, which dominated India for three centuries, had considerable influence on the taste and flavors of North Indian cuisine.

In addition to the architecture, dishes passed down from them include saffron and creamy gravies made from pureed almonds and milk.

The Mughals had a significant influence on the evolution of North Indian cuisine.
India’s north has a harsh climate. The inhabitants of this region have quite varied dietary habits due to the intense heat in the summer and the bitter cold in the winter.

Due to its geographic isolation from the other parts of the Subcontinent, this section of the nation has had significant Central Asian effects on both its food and culture.

Due to the region’s extreme weather conditions, which make a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available throughout the year, an amazing diversity of vegetarian cuisine is produced there.

The gravies in North Indian Restaurant are typically rich, somewhat spicy, and creamy. Even in everyday cuisine, dried fruits and nuts are frequently used.

Milk, cream, cottage cheese, ghee (clarified butter), and yogurt are dairy products that are used extensively in the preparation of both savory and sweet foods.

Punjabi Cusine – Wheat is the primary crop grown in Punjab, which is an agricultural state. Punjabi tandoori cookery is currently hailed as one of the most well-liked cuisines throughout the world. Mughal invaders, who brought with them the tradition of the big tandoor (clay oven), have always had a significant influence on Punjabi food.

Copper Chimney is best known for its north Indian cuisine here are some examples of Punjabi cuisine:

Tandoori Fried Chicken

This main course is completely influenced by Punjab. This is their version of the traditional and homey tandoori chicken. Half a chicken is marinated in yogurt, filled with cheese, fresh mint, and coriander, then grilled on the bone and secretly spiced with earthy Tandoori spices and Kashmiri chilies.

The Murg Makhani

The iconic yet unforgettably memorable Murg Makhani has Punjabi creativity at its very heart and is the best representation of north India on a global scale. This meal, which is the specialty of all proud Indian chefs, but especially the Ustaads at Copper Chimney, features chunks of chicken that have been expertly grilled in a tandoor and combined with a rich and opulent gravy.

Bazar ke Chole

While steeping in a tea infusion, chickpeas are cooked and seasoned with nutritious ingredients. The gravy is made from scratch and prepared street-style in a tin can, using crushed “Anardana” or dried pomegranates as flavor. After that, it is offered with potato kulchas or any other bread you choose.

Spiced Punjabi Potatoes

To give them a smoky flavor, baby potatoes are first roasted in an iron pan. After that, gravy is made. The gravy that Copper Chimney makes is unique and sets them apart from other restaurants. Baby potatoes, a squeeze of lemon, fresh coriander leaves, and savory Amritsari spices cooked in a cast-iron pan with whole red peppers.


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