Transforming Digital Interaction – The Advantages of Embedded Live Video Calls


Video calls foster personal connections between businesses and customers, leading to a significant boost in customer satisfaction. They also save costs and improve operational efficiencies. Baking conferencing into your website, product, or app offers many benefits that help you stand out from competitors. Smooth, seamless video chat woven directly into the user experience is key.

transforming digital interaction - the advantages of embedded live video calls

Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication is the key to a successful customer service interaction. Embedded video calls allow agents to connect with customers and provide contextual guidance in an empathetic manner. Video calling will also enable customers to upload documents, view their records, and work on them with the agent. Combining these features ensures that the customer experience is personal and efficient.

According to a recent survey, 86% of digital customers prefer interacting with a human customer service representative. Rather than hopping from one channel to another, they want to resolve their issues quickly with an individual who knows the business and understands their problem. This is why integrating live video calls into your contact center effectively boosts ROI and customer satisfaction.

The branded experience delivered by embedded video communication allows your brand to meet its customers where they are on their website or application. Previously, many solutions required customers to jump through hoops and leave the platform to speak with an agent. This led to frustration and a better experience for the customer.

Using a video chat solution with embedding capabilities, like those offered by, means your customers can communicate with you on your website or app without leaving your branded environment. With a prebuilt video call SDK that supports modern JavaScript frameworks and RTMP, you can easily add high-quality audio/video to your website or app without coding.

Increased Convenience

The best part about the embedded video is that it eliminates the need for additional software, hardware, or gadgets. By building video into your app or website, customers cannot download anything to use and click a button to connect. With no extra steps required, customers don’t have to leave your platform and can stay focused on solving their problems or completing their purchases.

In addition to being a great tool for customer service, eCommerce brands can use video calls as an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. Unlike traditional text chats and phone calls, video lets users see who they’re talking to, increasing their comfort level. This helps to establish credibility, build trust, and allow agents to offer relevant add-ons without jeopardizing the customer experience or compromising brand integrity.

It’s no secret that customer experience is a major component of any successful business. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, customers expect businesses to be responsive and answer their questions quickly and accurately. If they don’t, the consumer will turn to a competitor that does.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Adding video to your digital channels elevates customer experience beyond anything else. It enables personal connections that create trust while shortening call handling times and reducing costs. Unlike other contact center solutions, which require customers to download apps or navigate away from brand websites, embedded video calls keep the entire customer experience within the brand channel.

Whether on your website or app, embedding video helps reduce frustrations with common problems like explaining complex technical issues to non-technical executives over the phone or finding out why an online purchase wasn’t completed. It also eliminates the need for customers to repeat their queries to multiple advisors – an issue that irritates 33% of customers.

For eCommerce brands, incorporating video into your customer journey is a powerful tool for conversions. Including product demos and reviews on your products increases customer confidence and boosts sales, while videos on services pages help build trust in your services by putting a face to the person who can help.

Embedding video into your web or app makes it easy for users to connect with your team while maintaining full control of data security and privacy. It’s a more seamless and streamlined customer experience than sending customers outside your site or app to access the feature, reducing customer friction and boosting loyalty. Adding video conferencing to your web or app is straightforward, too – many solutions allow you to add functionality through APIs or SDKs that are easy to install without coding expertise.

Increased Productivity

Video calls can reduce time spent on meeting logistics, as participants don’t need to find a suitable conference room or wait for late call-ins. Additionally, with products like high-quality video conferencing speakers, audio quality is better and distracting noises are reduced. This allows for more focused discussions and encourages productivity as a result.
Embedded video chat is also more effective for customer support and sales, as it helps build trust between agents and customers. In addition, a more personalized experience can lead to higher satisfaction levels, resulting in lower customer churn rates.

Aside from boosting customer service and sales, embedded video chat is a great tool for increasing customer retention. Research shows that the number of people likely to repurchase from an e-commerce site has increased by up to 38% when video chat is offered.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that embedding live video calling is the next big thing in customer sales and support. However, building an in-app video solution from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, you can save your team months and resources using a ready-to-go video chat API solution. This lets you integrate video into your apps and websites faster, delivering an integrated and reliable omnichannel experience. You can also track usage data to optimize site design and personalize your offerings based on user behavior insights.


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