10 Things to Plan Before Mobile App Development


A lot of new developers and development companies jump straight into development without having the proper strategy in place. We’ve seen it happen all too often.
This is a big error. The process of creating an app can take time and without a strategy, it could be a struggle to get your app up and running.

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So, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten things that you should consider before creating your mobile app.

1. Establish Your Goals

Making an app without having a clear idea of your goals is not a good idea. At best, you’ll hold off developing your ideal app. The more you plan out your goals and how your idea of your app could benefit your business, the more smooth the remaining process will be.
It could be more costly to include a planning phase however, remember that you’re merely frontloading costs and saving money in the long run throughout the development.

2. Understand Your Clients/Customers

Your clients and customers will ultimately use your application, therefore their feedback is vital particularly when you are planning the application. Learn about the pertinent data of your clients and customers, such as their preferred app features, platform payment methods, and much more. Understanding these aspects will allow you to create an app that is well-reviewed and widely used.

3. Hire Experts in-House or Outsource

There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your mobile app to a third-party mobile app development agency. Numerous companies, big and small, use this method, and should you too. Outsourcing is an excellent option when you’re faced with tasks to be completed however you do not have in-house experts to finish the job.

The non-experts need time to reach speed. By outsourcing, you can eliminate the learning curve, thus saving your time and money while creating your apps.

4. Opt for Incremental Changes

Although the agile approach to developing software might be well-known, it might not be the best choice for your needs. Instead, you should consider using an incremental method such as the spiral method.

The addition of changes and the ability to react to software issues are a normal part of the software. Your method of development should reflect this.

5. Gather Your Team

Check that your project team is equipped to carry out the necessary tasks. If you are outsourcing the work, ensure that your team as well as the outsourcing team have an open line of communication prior to beginning the development.

Nothing is more frustrating than the process of implementing changes when your outsourcing team is located in a different time zone and you are faced with social, cultural, and linguistic hurdles while working under the pressure of a deadline. Outsourcing is great as it is if you know how to make use of it effectively.

6. Plan Your MVP

Determine what your least feasible solution should look like and then start developing it. When do you plan to release your application? What features are necessary and what could you include in the future? Do you have to adhere to a particular time frame?
The above and many other questions require being answered prior to development or the release date will continue to be delayed further into the future.

7. Consider Your Project Manager’s Abilities and Experience

Although your project manager may not have to be able to code as well as your mobile app developers they must be aware of how development works. They’re the ones who lead your team, which demands a different skill set than basic development. Managers have to manage their time and expectations, know how to keep the team motivated continuously and connect with employees who are remote or outsourced to ensure they are on the right track.

If you’re a start-up where you’re in charge of the product or project management and CEO, or not — make sure that your team manager will be a suitable match for your goals. For example, a project manager who employs Agile methods could be appropriate for fast and quick projects however, not for more extensive and more organized projects.

8. Look at the Competition

There is a good chance that your app won’t be original regardless of whether you’re developing for a particular situation or platform such as Android apps creation or iOS apps development. Take a look at the competition’s apps. Are there any specific features that they use in their apps? Are they addressing the same issue?

Inexperienced developers need some time to gain speed. By outsourcing, you can eliminate these learning curves and save time and money while designing your apps.

9. Consider Your Total Budget & Marketing Costs

The development process may not be over after you have delivered your MVP. If you’re required to consider the ongoing maintenance and support of your app, what kind of equipment or staffing will this require? What is the best way to allocate these requirements in the overall project budget? Is your budget set in stone or are you able to add more funds to your budget in the future?

Also, you should consider the cost to promote your product. In the beginning, you’ll have to create content to increase brand recognition since potential customers might not even be aware they exist. The creation of a website as well as the associated marketing pages to increase brand recognition requires substantial time and funds.

10. Understand You Can Always Re-Plan

Sometimes, plans fail. This is typical. But, it’s certainly not death-defying. You are able to review the planning phase, dependent on the issue that arises. Re-visiting the planning phase will increase the strength of your project as well as more probable to achieve success. There are many variables to consider at the time of beginning a project. It’s fine to alter your plan to achieve deadlines and objectives even if the first, as well as the final versions of the app, are a bit different.

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