What is Moving Insurance and why is it important?


Moving Insurance is one of the most important aspects that should be kept in mind while relocating. It is always a smart decision to avail it over your goods. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and securely, you must stay ensured. It is understandable how important your belongings are to you, hence, it’s necessary to have peace of mind too.
Before we begin to understand what types of Moving Insurance you can avail yourself of, it is extremely important to know what this policy is all about.


Defining Moving Insurance:

Putting it in layman’s words,

“A Moving Insurance is aimed at protecting all of your valuable goods while they are being relocated to your new location. Irrespective of the fact if you’re planning to pay for professional moving services or a temporary storage facility, Moving Insurance ensures you with the protection and safety of your valuables.”

Why is it important?

Insurance while relocating is important to guard your belongings throughout the entire relocation. Hiring an experienced and professional moving company will make it easy for you to transport all of your goods. You can trust their services better than opting for the less experienced movers or the Doing-It-Yourself method.
It is not only assurance of your goods, this insurance policy also helps you stay hassle-free and in peace of your mind. People choose to avail this policy beforehand to stay put of any stress. Just as you’ve known what this term means, there are some types of Moving Insurance too. Do read and understand about them before you make use of anyone.

There is Valuation Coverage for all kinds of Moving Insurance Policies that your mobility partner will offer you. And it is best to make sure you hire professional packers & movers who help you by suggesting what is best. These packages are as follows:

Transit Insurance

Transit insurance while relocating is the most basic coverage option which all Indian packers & movers supposedly offer. This kind of moving insurance will cover all the damages that might cause during the transit.

However, kindly be sure that the damages which happen before or after the transit will not count under this protection category. It is responsible for only those damages that might happen during the transportation. This can include any wreckage that occurs due to unavoidable circumstances like earthquake, explosion, fire, etc. It will help you in case of accidents and robbery during the transit as well.
Your mobility partner can help you recur your transit insurance on your behalf. Hence, you can stay at peace.

All-inclusive insurance

All-inclusive insurance can be a more expensive option than Transit Insurance. However, as the name suggests, it is including more benefits. In this case, you can claim your insurance against any damages that take place at any time throughout the whole shifting process that is, packing loading, conveying, and unloading.

This coverage is costlier because the packers and movers might include a small percentage of the insurance that can amount to 3%. This is because, in case of any damage, they have to replace or settle for any wreckage which is done.

Not all moving companies can provide you with this type of insurance. Therefore, make sure that the company you choose to relocate with is insured and is a certifiedorganization.

Types of Protection Coverage Available

Based on whatever package you choose for your goods and their safety, you might have to decide the valuation of the same. These are of two types:

  • Full Value Protection

Valuation is the amount of accountability that relocating companies will take up for you. In the Full Value Protection option, Moving Insurance will cover the repair, replacement, and/or cash settlement for your entire belongings that are insurable.

  • Declared Value Protection

In this type of moving insurance, you can have maximum claim over your insurer. Anything which is damaged beyond repair can be claimed. The insurer will pay if you lose out on any of your belonging that is damaged beyond the limit or stolen. For example, you can avail this type of protection for goods like your car, television, or other technical equipment.

You can make use of this protection coverage according to what suits your requirements best. The cost for each of them will vary. However, in the Indian context, the rate of insurance levied upon the move can range from 1.5 % to 3%.


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