Top 5 Best Winter Treks To Do In India


Winter hikes in the regions of the Himalayas in India are greater than only a venture for trekkers and nature lovers. They work as natural adrenaline that lifts their hearts and arranges them for immense difficulties. Only people who are fit psychologically and physically should carry out this.

Winter Treks

Collect your sharpness and get prepared to conquer beyond snow-capped sinks, small tracts, and intense clumps, feeding on a wide range of sights and mesmerizing sunrise and sunset sights that you won’t forget for your whole life. Carry out one of these treks and have the best experience of your life.

Monsoon and Summer are quite good but there’s something unquestionably gratifying about tenderness and the devourer of ice below your shoes. It is mystical to fall slumbering below some of the transparent weather of the year and to rise to the wide stretch of all-white scenery that flexes as far as you can see. But the utter ideal thing about this season’s hikes is that for every region, you’ll be able to carry it out without the host.

Be ready and get touching on these beautiful peaks strings. They allure every kind of hiker and thrill-explorers for short and long treks to encounter the exalted charmer of the winter. Crossing along with the ancient forests, passing the freezing rivulets, and being drenched in the most breathtaking sights of the ice paradise are just the firm items provided by the snow hikes in this country.  

Top treks of the winter season in India

Down below, we have started down the top winter hikes that are an ideal combination of discoveries and adventures, which will assist both starters and professional hikers to join more spots on their priority list.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek plan carries you on an icy string to India’s snowy paradise. This Trek Bundle, tours the mountain sights of Kalanag, Bandarpunch, Swargarohini, and Draupadi ka Danda. With an overall temperature going down to -5 degrees, Kedarkantha hiking gets even more tricky. You almost need one week to complete this trek and the maximum altitude of Kedarkantha is 12,500ft.

Brahmatal Trek

Experience the stimulation of saunter above a preserved lake with Brahmatal Hiking. This Trek Peak provides a mesmerizing sight of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti. During this season, the Brahmatal trek extends the tour along with intense snowfall and blood-chilling temperatures. Apart from the Brahmatal hike, you can encounter three out of four waters-meets of the river Ganga. You need almost 6 days to achieve this whole trek and the maximum altitude of 12,250 ft.

Chadar Trek

Encountering your fierce winter season speculation with chilling River Hike, also known as Chadar Trek, located in the region of Ladakh. Live the sensation of trekking above the snowy river of Zanskar, exploring the icy streams flowing at Nerak. The Chadar Trek raft discovers the pleasing beauty of Leh in the winter season. Discover the venture of trekking in raspy snow, as you string on contrary down to zero. The days required to complete this thrilling trek are around ten days and the maximum elevation is 11,123 ft.

Sandakphu Trek

Be prepared for Bengal’s popular hike named Sandakphu. Routed to Sandakphu trek journey to conquer the towery Peak in the regions of West Bengal, experiencing four out of five World’s highest Hill Ranges. Containing Mount Everest. Start booking your package for the sensation of trekking along with the India and Nepal borders. This trek is highly recommended to witness at least once in a lifetime as it allows visiting the terrains of- Land Rover and many more. Only with the help of this Tour. The maximum altitude of this trek is 11,929 ft and the duration you need to cover this whole trek is around 6 days.

Triund Trek

This enthralling trek package is the ideal vacation break out throughout the busy towns in the regions of the Himalayas. Have fun while trekking in the alpine forests with spectacular sights of Dhauladhar Range. So, if you want to experience the best then book your Triund Winter Trek as soon as possible. This is a very short trek and you only need 3 days to cover the whole distance. The highest altitude of this trek is 9,350 ft.


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