Professional Moving Company Storage VS Self Storage


When Moving, one of the most significant tasks is to find Storage Options for your valuables. Often, due to some of the other formalities, the moving process can become slower. In such situations, finding a storage unit that meets your needs is imperative.
While hunting for these storage units, people confuse about which facility is better to choose. While some choose professional moving company warehousing, others choose Self Storage facilities. While both of them have their pros and cons, this article discusses how they differ from one another.

Company Storage

Let us first understand the Meaning.

Before we decide which of the two is better, let us first understand what Private and Self Storage mean. Private Storage is when a Relocation Company comes and picks up your valuables and stores them in their warehousing space. These spaces can be equipped with complete air-conditioned facilities and can be long-term or short-term.
On the other hand, Self-Storage is when you rent a space through a storage company to stock your goods for a set period. The company is neither liable to pack nor load your goods. However, you can access your belongings through an appointment.

Saving this hassle

When hiring a moving company for warehousing your equipment, you’re free from the task of packing and moving. The professional & experienced team of packers & movers come to your place, pack and move your goods to the warehouse and save you all the hassle. You have to sit back and relax as they work it all out.
In the Self Storage Unit, you will have to take care of the packing and loading of your belongings. The storage company would not assist. It will be more like a Do It Yourself Task. You can label the cartons so that it is easily recognizable while unpacking and unloading.


When moving with a professional moving company, a team of professionals carries out the whole process of packing & moving. Hence, it is always easier, quicker, and more reliable to have the task done by them. With experience and quality of work, nothing seems to go wrong!
While the scheduled time is often challenging to meet during the process, some experienced workforce can help you meet deadlines. However, if you choose the Self-Storage option, you might have delays and problems making a move.


It might seem otherwise, but private Storage is less expensive and easier on pockets. While Doing It, Yourself makes you work harder; Private Storage does it all for you by paying some extra amount. It is professionally packed. Hence, more items fit in lesser space. You save on distance, time, and even cost.
Self-Storing Units might be available at a cheaper rate. But, the additional charges can amount it back to a more expensive version of warehousing.

Being In-charge

Assigning a Professional Packers & Movers Company with your goods for Storage can help you with extra care and stress-free warehousing. The vigilance takes place for 24 hours and seven days. Your interests can never go unattended. You can stay assured and have regular updates.
When Self Storing, you can guard your belongings through Video Surveillance, Remote Monitoring Alerts, Access Controls, and more. Self-Storage is accessible without the need for an appointment.

Time Bounds

A Relocation Company can offer you both long and short-term warehousing. It depends on your need to stock your goods. You can also pay regular visits and have an update from the Mobility Company. You can extend the warehousing period per your needs by having a word with your Mobility partner.
However, if we talk about a Self-Storing Unit, there are various confinements and limitations. You can book your space for a limited period.

Protection of your Goods

Indeed, your goods and equipment stand of extreme importance to you. This is why it is crucial to hire professional and reliable services to look after them.
Before hiring any storage services, you must ensure that your goods are in safe hands. Whether the warehousing is for a longer-term or shorter-term, protecting your interests is a matter of concern.

We at PM Relocations understand the need to keep your valuable goods intact. With our reliable, temperature-controlled, long & short-term warehousing services, you can stay assured and stress-free. Contact us at 828 282 7356 or write to us at [email protected] and book your warehousing space now. Visit our official website at to know more.


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