Best Snow Treks in Himalayas


Throughout the wintertime, India’s mountainous paths take on a subtle charm. During wintertime hiking in India, visitors will encounter lots of adventure and exhilaration from seeing a part of the environment that appears to brighten your emotions as you traverse frozen rivers, cold grasslands, and snow-covered pathways.

Snow Treks

Springtime brings out nature’s colorful aspect, whereas winter brings out its humorous side. Winter seems to be the season of the year when the massive mountain summits, blanketed in snowfall, lure hikers from all over the globe to explore the Himalaya for the first occasion. Whereas most Himalayan treks are only open to the general public between mid-May to October, there have been some hiking choices available all year in Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim.

If you are searching for a backpacking trip this wintertime, here is another selection of the top winter hikes in India which guarantee a best combination of adrenaline, experience, and an unforgettable holiday adventure.

Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek, at such an elevation of 13,850 feet, is some of the finest magnificent walking treks in the world, with flowing waterfalls, beautiful green valleys, and the pure Parvati river. It is indeed perhaps one of the most famous hikes in May and June, and so it is easy to accomplish when staying in Kasol or Parvati valleys. If you really are considering a trip to Kasol anytime in the near future, you should also consider the Sar Pass Trek. It really is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies equally.

The Sar Pass Trek begins inside the charming Grahan village, a small village a few kilometers outside of Kasol encircled by lovely Rhododendron plants. So Many visitors to Kasol are uninformed of that kind of quiet community, which represents a Himachal treasure chest wherein serenity nevertheless reigns. The greatest part about just this walk would be that you manage to see the surrounding places and then get a peek of Himachali history, which is varied and rich. People seem to live in slow motion, but it is only when you are in close enough vicinity to them and that you realize how very much simple delights may satisfy your heart.

The Sar Pass trip will take you through several beautiful vistas. During your route to the Biskeri Ridge, you are going to pass through a little frozen lake known as Sar, that provides the sensation of someone in a fairytale with its 100-foot-high snow-laden peaks surrounding it.

Ming Thach’s walking route is surrounded by deep woodland, and then after passing through all of it, you will be able to see the Great Himalayan mountains pulling you nearer.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

The Chopta trek traverses past a natural lake, Uttarakhand’s highest Shiv temple, and distant settlements brilliantly lit against the stunning background of Chopta Valley. The hiking trip begins in Ukhimath and continues through Sari Village to Deoriyatal. Chopta seems to be a birdwatcher’s paradise, with Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, and other Himalayan songbirds to be seen. Backpackers will see the world’s highest Shiv temple nearby Tungnath.

Backpackers will proceed to the peak of moon stone, Chandrashila, at 4000 meters, upon receiving Lord Shiva’s benediction. The journey would reward you with a breathtaking vista of the nearby mountains of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. Trekkers may regret leaving their cameras at homes on this hike.

Dodital Winter Trek

Another of the greatest excursions for those who choose to try mountaineering for the first occasion is from Sangamchatti to Dodital. The hike is simple in the summer, but it becomes difficult in the wintertime due to the weather conditions. This walk begins in Sangamchatti and travels through dense woodland from which a variety of Himalayan birds can be seen soaring openly in the skies. As hikers ascend to Agoda village, the mountains of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand appear in the distance. The journey would continue to Bebra hamlet, a picturesque hamlet famed for its potato, bean, and Rajma crops, as well as the Assi Ganga River. Backpackers can then either unwind in the campground or go Himalayan trout fishing on the banks of the Assi Ghat River.

Backpackers would ascend a steep incline to approach Manjhi the following day after spending the night in a tent on the banks of the Assi Ganga River. Backpackers will unwind and organize a nighttime camp at Manjhi. The hikers will reach Dodital Lake after climbing along zigzag pathways. Dodital Lake is among the most picturesque high-altitude lakes in North India, and it is well-known because of being habitat to Himalayan Trout, affectionately known as Dodi.


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