This Is How Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth


Clear Aligners use clear trays made of a specific material to straighten your teeth exactly like braces. They use a mild and consistent force to shift the teeth into the proper position without the need for metal wires or brackets. Each of them is made by scanning a digital photograph.
The social value of perfectly straight and aligned teeth.
A person with straight teeth is believed to be wealthier and more successful (both professionally and romantically) than someone with crooked teeth.

You may use orthodontic braces at any age as long as your teeth are in good shape.
We are seeing more and more adults decide to straighten teeth with braces, in particular with clear aligners.

Many adults are hesitant to wear traditional braces due to self-consciousness, which is why clear aligners are a suitable alternative.

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Our goal is to show you exactly how aligners work and what the process looks like step-by-step. Therapeuoclinic will also discuss the primary benefits of choosing to straighten your teeth with clear aligners and why it is the premier choice for teeth straightening.

How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

A series of clear plastic trays will be provided to you when you begin your clear aligner treatment. The teeth are moved by a fraction of a millimeter in each of these trays. So, gradually, they will position your teeth in the desired position.
Teeth are made from a variety of materials. Enamel covers the visible part of your teeth. It is covered with a substance called cementum at the root of the tooth. The periodontal ligament (comprised of collagen fibers) connects the periodontal tissue to the tooth socket.
During the periodontium, the teeth are held in the bone socket by the ligament. Wearing clear aligners causes the bone on the sides of the periodontal ligament to move as a result of the pressure they exert on the teeth. This allows the teeth to gradually move into their desired location.

Following the completion of clear aligner treatment, the bone around the teeth takes time to harden again.

This is why it is so vital to begin wearing a retainer straight after having your teeth straightened. While the science behind clear aligners is somewhat technical, wearing them is super easy and comfortable.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?
Clear aligners work in three simple phases with Therapeuoclinic. Let’s take a deeper look at how our aligners can help you get the stunning smile you’ve always desired.

1. Consider Your Impressions

We provide our clear aligners directly to you, eliminating the need for actual appointments at a dental office. This saves you time, money, and aggravation. Ordering an Impression Kit is the initial step toward straightening your teeth.

You will be able to take your dental record at your leisure. Once you’ve finished this step, simply return the impression kit to our staff.

If our professional team finds that our clear aligner therapy is not the correct solution for you, we will refund your money

2. Personalized Invisible Aligners
When you return your impression kit, our trained team of professionals will build a personalized invisible aligners treatment plan for you. This strategy will be customized to fit your smile. Again, there is no need to attend a dental clinic—with us, you may straighten your teeth at home without any inconvenience.

Our clear aligners are sold at a set price (with a free teeth whitening kit).

You may also pick our NightOnly option, in which you wear clear aligners only while sleeping. The decision is entirely yours.

3. Watch the Magic Take Place
We will begin delivering you your personalized clear aligners after we have prepared an individual treatment plan. Our transparent aligner system will gently and gently bring your teeth into alignment. There are no wires or brackets with transparent aligners, thus there is less pain.

Each tray will work to gently (a few millimeters) shift your teeth into alignment. Each pair of aligners should be worn for 10 days. They will progressively align your teeth so that at the conclusion of the treatment plan, you will have a smile you will want to show off everywhere you are.

How Long Do Clear Aligners Take?
Clear aligners operate far faster than traditional metal braces. Treatment times will differ based on the circumstances. The usual orthodontic treatment period is between 4 and 6 months.

The treatment time for clear aligners ranges from 7 to 9 months. This approach entails wearing transparent aligners for eight to ten hours each day. Those who prefer not to wear their aligners to work, school, or when they are out and about would benefit from this.

Once our staff has received your impressions, the length of the therapy will be established.

Straighten Teeth With Clear Aligners

Clear aligners from Therapeuoclinic are quick, easy, and affordable for straightening your teeth.
If you want to straighten your teeth without braces, clear aligners are the answer.
Our specialized treatment plans will straighten your teeth and give you an amazing smile for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. That’s how easy it is.
We offer free assessments for patients who are ready to begin their exciting journey to perfectly aligned teeth. It will be our pleasure to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.



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