What Are the Advantages That Come With Taking Chelated Magnesium?


Magnesium is essential in various body processes, including those that determine the health of the heart, bones, and muscles and sleep quality. It is a mineral that the consumption of certain foods may gain; however, most individuals do not receive the recommended daily amount through their diet alone. According to recent research published, around half of all Americans take less Mg from food than the quantity suggested to be consumed daily. Also, it has been shown that migraines, muscular weakness, and poor cardiovascular health may all be traced back to an Mg deficit. So, taking the micronutrient in the form of a supplement will assist in maintaining healthy levels in the body. In the meantime, not all supplements are made equal. The higher bioavailability and increased stability provided by supplements containing chelated Mg, like when you order magnesium chelate, makes it possible for the body to use a greater quantity of the nutrient in question.

What Exactly Does “Chelated Magnesium” Mean?

Mg is an essential mineral that is vital in various biological processes. It is responsible for the activation and activity of 325 enzymes that impact a variety of metabolic processes and physiological activities, such as the following:

  • Neuromuscular contractions
  • Heart and cardiovascular function
  • Maintaining a healthy acid-alkaline balance inside the body
  • Helps systems that are associated with sleep

Additionally, the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, and fatty acids needs the element to function correctly. It is vital in creating energy and using other essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, salt, and potassium. And because the element is necessary for a wide variety of biological processes, it is necessary for the body to absorb and use it appropriately. As such, taking a chelated magnesium supplement, which boosts the bioavailability and performance of this essential mineral, is the best way to consume a magnesium supplement.

Enhanced Consistency of Results

Chelated magnesium’s complete ring structure contributes to the mineral complex’s increased stability. The decreased likelihood of adverse interactions with the body’s fat-soluble vitamins and other minerals is a direct consequence of increased stability. Because of this, the increased stability provided by chelated minerals contributes to an improvement in both the rate of Mg absorption and the supplement’s overall efficacy.

Superior Bioavailability

It is common for the body to be unable to absorb nutrients through the digestive system adequately. Most mineral supplements are made from mineral salts or inorganic sources, both of which are difficult to absorb. Because of this, the consumption of chelated magnesium is necessary, like Mg Glycinate, Malate, or Taurate, which has a higher degree of bioavailability.

Getting the recommended amount of magnesium is becoming more challenging due to the prevalence of processed foods and dietary restrictions. Meanwhile, the element in the body may be maintained at a healthy level using nutritional supplements.

Chelation is a binding process that mixes minerals like magnesium with organic molecules to increase the bioavailability and stability of nutrients. As such, you may order magnesium chelate, as magnesium is one of the minerals in this process. Because of this mechanism, minerals can be transported through the intestinal wall effectively, enabling their use throughout the body. And during the digesting process, the body goes through its natural chelation, but it’s not very effective since the nutrients are left exposed to the harsh environment of the gut. Instead, chelated magnesium is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which boosts the body’s ability to use nutrients and improves the digestive process.


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