How To Grow Money Plant Faster – A Pro Guide For You


Money plant is a popular plant in India that is known for bringing good luck and financial stability. According to Vastu and Feng Sui; this plant brings fortune and wealth to the house. The name Money Plant was derived for that occurrence only. This is a very common houseplant as people not only buy it for their financial benefit but also for the beautiful leaves.

However, many people complain that their money plant is not growing properly whereas many times we can see thriving money plants that are growing in negligence. If you want to decorate your balcony, entrance, terrace, or drawing room corner with the long lustrous trail of the money plant, then you must be aware of the right conditions for the plant.
So, here we are bringing to you the excellent tips that will help you to grow the money plant faster and bigger.

money plant

Tips To Grow Money Plant Faster:

Many people feel that their money plants stay in a dormant position for a long. They can’t see any prominent growth of the plant for many days. There are many conditions under which the plant can stop growing. Here we have curated the pro guide to have a thriving and bushy money plant.

  • Propagating: Cutting from the stem is the best way to propagate money plants or pothos. While cutting the stem, you have to make sure that there is at least one nod in that part. However, you must keep it in the water so that the new roots will grow from the nods. Change the water every 5-7 days so that the oxygen supply to the roots stays constant. After the roots become stronger, you can plat them into the soil.
  • Planting: For planting, you need to prepare the soil first. You need to add garden soil, cocopeat, and organic compost and mix it well so that there will be no lumps in the soil. Now plant the money plant in the soil and water thoroughly.
  • Watering: Watering is a very important factor for the money plant. You may find problems like yellow leaves or brown tips as both of the problems are associated with inconsistent watering. Both the over watering and underwatering can damage the plant. It is better to have the sticky finger test every time you water the plant. Dig the finger into the soil and if the soil sticks on your finger, then you don’t need to add water. If there is a feeling of powdery soil, then only add enough water so that it comes down from the bottom of the pot. In this way, you can be assured that every root will get the right amount of water.
  • Sun Light: Light is very important for a money plant, just like any other plant. It helps the plant to make their food via photosynthesis. Thankfully, the money plant can be grown in the low-light areas but indirect bright sunlight helps it to grow rapidly. The colors of the leaves will be bright if they get the right amount of sun.
  • Fertilizer: The money plant is a low-feeder. You just need to add water and a minimum amount of nutrients to the soil. The organic matter you add while planting, may wash away or be used with time. So, it is important to add organic compost or seaweed solutions frequently to boost growth. If you are growing a money plant in the water, you don’t need to add any sort of nutrient to that as it may attract fungal infection.
  • Pruning: For money plants, pruning is very important. It will make the plant bushier and healthy. You need to remove the old and dead leaves from the branches. When you clip off the branches, you can see side growth quickly.


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