How Much Does A Safe Driver Cost In Dubai?


Dubai is the most well-known tourism destination in the GCC countries, particularly in the United Arab Emirates. If you are on a business trip, a tourist, or wish to settle in Dubai, it is strongly advised that you rent a car with a driver.

It would not only save you time but also money because typical meter cabs or taxi drivers can drive you a great distance to get extra money. Rates are set with your driver on a daily or hourly basis, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Safe Driver Cost In Dubai

In a short period of time, Dubai city has expanded its new roads, living societies, and bridges. However, if you hire a car with a safe driver in Dubai, you will not have to worry about locating the new site.

In recent years, the paid tollgate has been fixed, which can cost you extra if you have your own car. Traveling in a car with a chauffeur is safe, affordable, and hassle-free.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Driver in Dubai?

It costs roughly 800 dirhams to hire a safe driver in UAE for a day, which is usually counted as nine hours. During this time, you must also give the driver one hour of rest. Although reservations can be made on the spot, most companies prefer two to three days’ notice to assure high-quality driver availability.

The majority of companies charge 45-50dhs per hour for driving services, with a four-hour minimum booking. The number of hours you want your day to be is used to calculate daily fees. For example, an 8-hour day would cost 400-500dhs, whereas a 12-hour day would cost 600-700dhs. You can get a discount on weekly or monthly driver services if you stay in Dubai for a week or longer.

The Road and Transport Authority is a government agency in Dubai. They regulate all forms of public transportation, including taxis. Rather than paying by the meter, you can rent a taxi driver for a set number of hours.

This is helpful since it allows for some flexibility; it is available at short notice, so no reservations are required. The fee includes unlimited kilometers in and around Dubai. But if you leave the emirate, the meter will charge you for additional mileage.

Taxis are usually spotless and well-maintained. On the roads of Dubai, the drivers are usually knowledgeable and confident, which is a huge plus.

Taxis are usually Toyota Corollas with a maximum capacity of four passengers. There are family vans (carrying up to 7 passengers) and lady-driven taxis available, but there may be a cost.

So, how much does it cost to hire a designated driver?

A designated driver can be hired for as low as AED 0.60 per minute.

So, if you want to rent a service, you should look for one that meets your budget. You will notice that different companies charge varying prices for their services. Choose one, such as, that is both inexpensive and reliable.

Generally, one of the top considerations for anyone visiting Dubai on a short trip is to keep their travel secure, smart, and within their budget. The question is, how did you accomplish these goals knowing so little about the city?

Ideally, your first step should be to employ a chauffeur, a safe driver in Dubai who is familiar with the city’s roadways. So, in order to assist you in selecting the safe driver in Dubai, here is a list of crucial factors to consider.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the right driver to make your trip safe, smart, and inexpensive.

The Professional drivers recognize the significance of safe driving

When looking for a safe driver, you’ll see that they employ a variety of tools. They recognize the significance of arriving at their destination safely. They plan ahead of time and maintain control of the car. While driving, they remain alert and focused.

They also understand that a car accident can be costly, therefore they prefer to hire someone with a clean driving record. You’ll have fewer accidents if you choose a safe driver, which equals more savings on your auto insurance policy.

Get the finest driving experience in Dubai without tension

Driving on such an occasion is exhausting, regardless of whether you are going to a nearby destination or travelling for the long-distance job. Going to an event with a professional driver in Dubai boost your confidence. Hence, with professional drivers, you won’t have to worry about anything when traveling.


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