We Enjoy the Benefits of Swimming with the Pisces Swimming Team


The swimming pool is located in Euromerican – Argo, in the area of Playa – Leones and has two unique swimming pools, in a separate but adjacent area to each other, to serve the whole range of ages at the same time with lifeguard training near me.

We Enjoy the Benefits of Swimming with the Pisces Swimming Team

  • One pool covers the ages of 0-3 years for the baby swimming program from Monday to Friday from 17: 00-21: 00. This is a more private pool, exclusively for infant swimming, with excellent standards in a warm and comfortable environment and right next to the large pool of Euromedica-Arogi, where the older siblings can swim in parallel in the swimming academies or the second escort exercises in Aqua Functional. The pool is heated with a constant temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, ideal for young children, with dimensions 6x4m and a depth of 1.30m. It is cleaned with ozone and chlorine in the percentage of drinking water. The sections are six-member and divided based on the age and swimming ability of the children. Baby swimming lessons are accompanied by a parent.
  • The second pool covers the ages from 3 years to adults, for their programs
  • Academies from 3 to 5 years, promotional swimming 8-12 years, Aqua Functional adults and of course Aqua Yoga for pregnant women
  • This is a wonderful place, with 5 routes of 25 meters and a depth of 0.90m to 1.40m, where the pool is indoor and heated, built to the most modern standards. The pool is cleaned with ozone and inorganic chlorine as a percentage of drinking water. At Pisces Swimming Pool EUROMEDICA – Argo there is comfortable and ample parking and of course fully helpful and functional storage areas, changing, with many comfortable showers and hair dryers. The waiting area of the escorts is extremely neat and spacious, with many accesses and visibility to the pool.

Kalahari Fish Swimming Pool

A wonderful swimming pool for water activities of all ages, operates in the heart of Kalamaria, at 18 Miaoli with Smyrna.

The pool is indoor, sunny, large and heated, with basic cleaning of ozone, inorganic chlorine as a percentage of drinking water and UV rays. The small fish swim in nine-member groups, in terms of baby and ten-member fourteen-member groups (depending on age and department) for the academies. The coaches are of course in the water, as guides and supporters of the children.

Our brand new facilities consist of 10 showers, many changing rooms, large and comfortable spaces, a park and playground for adults and children. The pool is separated by the glass so that the lesson takes place in a calm and quiet environment. Easy access and free, ample parking 50 meters from the entrance of the swimming pool.


Pisces is a meeting place for parents and children. The basic idea is to spend essential time with our children, to hug them, to observe them and so we learn to respond immediately to their needs so that they are full of love. If there is love, knowledge is automatic!
Also, in our effort to make the new parents experience the benefits of baby swimming, we do free baby swimming lessons for babies from 2-5 months. We believe that if the new parent is freed from the stress of money, he will be able to focus and understand the solid foundations that infant swimming will give to his child developmentally, psychologically and socially.


  1. Baby swimming, as taught by the Pisces swimming team, is a fun program for learning and developing skills in the water, in the form of a game. The program is aimed at parents and infants aged 40 days. The benefits for the parent and the child are innumerable, both physically and mentally, as well as psychologically.
  2. The only aqua yoga program for pregnant women so that PISCES swim before they are even born.
  3. Swimming learning academies for children from 4 years and up, where children learn technique and discipline through play.
  4. The most dynamic promotional and competitive swimming program for children and teenagers, through our empathy and the intention of the young athlete! Our complete and experienced coaching staff approaches the championship holistically. We cover the whole range of needs, from the psychology and nutrition of the athletes to the gym in and out of the water, in the most perfect facilities.
  5. Programs for adults, such as aqua functional, aqua aerobic and swimming lessons, to succeed during the day!
  6. The unique program ” GYMNASTICS WITHOUT MY CHILD ” so that parents can exercise and swim at the same time as their child takes a swimming lesson in a different route. This saves time that is so precious to us.


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