Escape Room Tips – Strategies for Surviving Any Escape Room


Have you tried out an escape room game yet? Or are you already an escape room enthusiast trying out different escape room experiences here and there?

No matter which category you belong to, we have compiled some of the best escape room tips that will help you emerge victorious at the end of the game! So, check out these escape room tips before you head to an escape room game next:

1. Always choose the correct number of players to form the team.

Just because escape rooms are team games, it does not mean that you can take an exceptional big team to the game. When you have a very large team to play the escape room games, it leads to unnecessary chaos in the game room.

Escape Room Tips

However, this does not mean that you choose extremely less people for your team. An escape room game generally offers you a short time period, of approximately 60 minutes, to solve the game. So, if you have too less people on your team, it only becomes tough to solve all the puzzles in time. Thus, make sure you choose neither too less nor too many people for your team.

2. Choose closely-acquainted people as your team members

In stark contrast to playing with people whom you do not know well, it is always a better option to play with people with whom you are closely acquainted. This allows your team members to possess greater compatibility in working together with the rest of the team.
Instead, when you play with people whom you are not well acquainted with, you cannot share this greater ease of communication or compatibility. Furthermore, when you play an escape room game with people you love and care about, you also benefit from being able to spend a fun time with them.

3. Communication is the key to a great escape!

Effective communication forms an exceptionally vital part of any escape room adventure. You need to establish a seamless stream of communication amongst your players. Each of your team members must share their discoveries and opinions during the proceedings of the game. It is only when your teammates start sharing their discoveries in the game effectively, that your victory comes closer!

Effective communication is also about being a patient listener and quietly listening to all that your teammates have to go to say. So, while playing an escape room game,
ensure that your fellow teammates also patiently listen to what the others are saying.
The escape games are team activities, where you need to play together. So, ensure that none of your team members is hoarding back vital information from one another. It is only when you play together with your team, that you can win the game!

4. Never spend far too much time solving just one puzzle!

Yet another vital factor to pay attention to while playing the escape room games is time management. Many players often do the mistake of spending excessive time trying to solve just one riddle. When this happens, players have very little time in their hands to ace the escape room game.

You can instead divide the entire time allotted to you for the game, such that you have sufficient time to solve every riddle in the game. However, if you do find a puzzle that you cannot solve at the moment, keep it aside for the time being and move on to another. You can always come back to this unsolved puzzle when you have solved the others. Thus, make sure to tactfully manage your time!

5. Remain organized as you follow the trail of the game.

In most escape room games, the game designers design the rooms in such a manner that every object present inside the game is used only once. Thus, it is essential that players do not end up wasting their time by stumbling across the same objects that have already been used in the game.

To remain organized, you and your teammates can make a particular spot in the game, where you can pile up the different objects that you have used. A separate spot to keep all those objects that though discovered, but haven’t yet been used can also be a good idea. Remaining organized in your way to play the escape games will prevent you from wasting time and being right on track.

6. Search every nook and corner of the room

Huddling close together and searching just in one corner of the escape room is not going to help you escape. Thus, you need to divide your entire team into small groups and then allot them into separate places to search. In this way, you can make the most of every team member.

While searching for clues in the escape game, leave no stone unturned. Almost everything that you see inside the game, has a purpose to serve (unless it is a red herring of course!). Since time seems to pass by so fast inside the escape rooms Cincinnati, make sure you divide and spread out your team to search every corner of the game room!

So now that you know some of the best tips and tricks to ace your way through the escape room game, are you ready to try out a suitable game with your gang? Head to an escape room game near you and enjoy the thrill of the escape room chase with your tribe!


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