Create Your Stage Quickly with Staging Equipment Rental


For a casual musical event or a rock concert, staging equipment rental is paramount. Renting a portable stage saves time and resources, removing the need for storage space. Having a stage is a must for a music festival or a commencement ceremony. While creating one can be time-consuming, renting a portable stage can be a great option. Other elements are required for a stage setup. Here are a few benefits of choosing staging equipment rental for your event.

Staging Equipment Rental

Saving Time:

One of the most significant benefits of renting staging equipment is saving time for other things. Since they are easy to move, most event managers fall back on them. Plus, they are available in variety, meaning you can choose what you exactly need.


The staging needs vary by event. Small events don’t need any massive stage. With staging equipment rental, you can always choose what you want. A good party rental company will customize the stage to your specific needs. Renting different equipment from a reputable party rental company saves you from looking around.

Easy to Install:

The ease of installation is a real plus. You don’t need advanced tools or equipment to install the stage or other equipment. There’s a simple installation guide that may come in handy. Your party rental company can also take care of the installation process for you.


The requirements for stage arrangements vary depending on budget, type of event, guests, performers, and other aspects. You can choose yours as per your requirements. Your party rental company will assess your needs and help you with your selection.

No Need for Extra Storage:

After the event, the party rental company will take the stage off. You don’t need any extra storage space for it. Thus, saving your time and resources makes you free after the event.

Here’s a lowdown on some flooring and staging rental options you can consider:

Custom Flooring:

Custom flooring rentals can be helpful for a variety of purposes. For dance floor or raised flooring, custom flooring is a great option. All you need to do is rent custom-built flooring to your specifications.

Stage Stairs:

Stage stairs rentals are essential for events. Mobile stage steps are available in two or three steps for 2 heights (12″ or 36″ stages). Stairs are a must for the stage, making it easier for artists, performers, and bands to get on the stage. Having at least two sets of stairs for the stage is essential. Check out with a party rental company for stage skirts rental.

Usually, stage stairs come in as a separate part. They are not included in the actual stage. When choosing stage stairs, it is essential to consider stage size and price. Call your local party rental company for a quote.

Stage Skirts:

A stage without stage skirts might look bland and uninteresting. The right selection of stage skirts makes the stage look presentable and professional. You may have to choose your stage skirt depending on the stage size. There are a wide variety of skirts. Some stage skirts are great for speech, while others fit fashion runways.

Like stage stairs, stage skirts are available as singular parts. The actual stage is not included. Find the right skirt based on the stage size. Request a quote by calling your nearby party rental company. As for installation, a party rental company will take care of it. Customers are not required to do anything.

Dance Floor:

There’s nothing like seeing your guests dancing the night away with ease. A dance floor rental is a great option to create an ambiance. There are several factors in choosing the right dance floor for your party and crowd. If you want a crowd on the stage, you must have a strong, durable, and sturdy flooring option.

Dance floor rentals come in different sizes, colors, and finishes. For a great experience, don’t rent any dance floor out of excitement.

How to Calculate Dance Floor Rental Size:

Calculate the total of guests, divide it by 2, and multiply it by 4.5 square feet per person. Thus, you get approximate square footage for dancing. Take advantage of this chart to select the dimensions closest to the number.

Approximate Size Chart

8×9 = 30 Guests = 15 Dancers
8×12 = 40 Guests = 21 Dancers
8×15 = 50 Guests = 25 Dancers
9×12 = 50 Guests = 25 Dancers
9×16 = 70 Guests = 32 Dancers
12×12 = 70 Guests = 32 Dancers
12×15 = 80 Guests = 40 Dancers
12×16 = 85 Guests = 42 Dancers
15×16 = 110 Guests = 54 Dancers
15×20 = 130 Guests = 66 Dancers
16×18 = 125 Guests = 64 Dancers
18×20 = 160 Guests = 80 Dancers

Portable Stage Rentals:

Portable stage rentals come in different heights for mobile stages: 12′′ and 24′′. Rental rates vary depending on the type of stage. Small stage rentals are ideal for rock concerts, dances, and other performances. Large stage rentals are apt for theatrical performances, musical concerts, and other performances that require a more elaborate setting.

For a wedding ceremony, you may need risers. This prop is used to elevate the celebrants to appear more prominent in the photograph. Cover the risers with carpet, drape, or other decor ideas.

Bottom Line:

When renting staging equipment for any event or workshop, it is essential to research the equipment you are renting. Since the requirements for staging needs vary from event to event, you must consult with your rental company to determine what you exactly need. A good party rental company will be able to provide you with the details of the equipment and uses so that you can make the best rental decision.


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