5 Reasons to Take Advantage of the Dip in the Stock Market


Buying the dip takes more courage than timing because we never know what the bottom of the dip will be. You may actually buy a stock that loses value in the short term after your purchase. However, if you can find a stock with a strong history of growth, buying it during a drop in value is generally a positive choice.

It’s a Sale on Stocks

Consumers tend to reach out and buy consumables such as soap and toiletries when the price drops so they can spend less on what they need to buy anyway. A drop in the value of a stock is also a sale, but you won’t use up the bargain; you will hold onto it for the long term and enjoy the value when you sell it.

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Be aware that you may feel like an intrepid explorer when you wade in to buy stocks when most investors are dashing away. Their decision to sell in a hurry after a large value drop is a big part of why you’re getting such a good deal. Do make sure you have room in your budget for these investment dollars; you will gain the most value by holding on to what you’ve bought.

Index Funds Are A Good Bet

When the whole stock market dips, you can get index funds on an even bigger sale. The S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq are commonly cited indexes that traders in the United States may want to follow and buy. Do consider when you will need your money and your gains back; these markets prove growth over time but if you need your dollars back in less than 5 years, index funds may not be your best option.

Fractional shares are also a terrific trading choice after a market drop. Do be aware that not all trading platforms offer fractional shares. Investors will also want to be aware that the fees may be higher than a platform that buys full shares. However, if you want to buy a slice of Apple, Google or Amazon, fractional shares can be quite lucrative over time.

Buy on Stock Indicators and Forecasts

Stock indicators and forecasts can take a great deal of study. The futures market also takes a lot of studies; if you’re a buy-and-hold investor, index funds and fractional shares may be your best bet for most of your money.

However, an indicator that you trust can help you make smart trades based on free NinjaTrader indicators. Once your investments start growing, set aside a bit of cash that you can use to study up on businesses with strong indicators. Stock trading can feel a bit like gambling. However, if you put your money in stocks instead of taking it to the casino and the house or business wins, you do too!

Rumors Indicate an Upcoming Sale

Rumors can cause stocks to fall for factors that simply have no basis in fact. If you note a large drop in the value of a particular stock or even an index fund, wait for the real news to come out before stepping in and investing in the stock.

Do take care to find a blog or adviser that publishes data that you will actually enjoy reading. There are many terrific publications that focus on business in general and stocks in particular, but if your reading time is limited, you need a publication that is both informative and interesting to consume.

Facts Boost Stock Growth

When you buy your stocks, be aware that they will grow on the facts. Yes, inflation may be high. However, people are still finding a way to purchase the necessities. Stocks tied to the necessaries are still a good bet based on what’s happening in the checkout line.

Being drawn to what everyone else is running away from is critically important if you plan to buy the dip. Ignore frantic newscasts that want you to believe the sky is falling. The markets are dipping, which can be profitable for those with a steady hand on their money.


Do be prepared to buy and hold. You will also have to be aware that some of your stocks will continue to dip after you make your purchase. Don’t panic. The markets will come back.


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