Best cPanel Hosting Provider in India 2023


Coming onto the best cPanel Hosting providers in India 2023, many companies are flourishing and marking their place amongst the best cPanel hosting providers by increasing their resources and making the best out of everything to offer undeniable services to satisfy customers.

A control panel allows the owner to manage servers, email accounts, domain names, security, and other associated features all from one place. It manages such things in a much easier way.

Best cPanel Hosting Provider in India 2022

And because of its user-friendly interface, cPanel has become a popular choice when it comes to using a certain type of control panel.

Let’s now read about the best cPanel hosting providers with this unbiased article.

Read ahead to know the 5 best cPanel hosting providers that can fulfill all your needs:

5 Best cPanel Hosting Providers in India 2023

With many companies around us providing cPanel Hosting, it becomes difficult to decide which is the best host out of all.

And so, we researched these best 5 Best cPanel Hosting providers out of thousands in the market. Let’s help you choose the one that will suit your requirements:


As you may have heard about A2 Hosting for their best WordPress services with the easy-to-use cPanel, in order to build your website quickly and get it live on the web in no time, you can choose A2 Hosting and leave all your web hosting related worries to them.

With the cPanel available in all of their plans with other remarkable features, A2 Hosting claims itself as one of the best hosting providers with various kinds of hostings and undeniable services.

Price and Plans

To elaborate more on the cheap pricings and plans of A2Hosting, we have attached a screen capture of the company’s shared web hosting plans with cPanel:


A2Hosting has the ‘Guru Crew Support’, which is the availability of the customer support team 24*7.

They are available in

  • Chats
  • Tickets
  • Phone calls

We tested their support and analyzed that they reply within minutes to any of your queries.

Why Choose A2Hosting?

The question arises, why should one choose A2 Hosting above others?

We analyzed and observed that A2 Hosting provides unlimited

  • Data,
  • Storage,
  • SSD and much more

In their plans with such a great customer support team that is throughout available for the customers.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and free SSL, who wouldn’t like to prefer A2 hosting as their cPanel hosting provider for the security of your website?
However, if you’d like a more budget-friendly solution that offers spectacular hosting services, you can go for our next choice.


YouStable knows the importance of fast and easy cPanel Hosting. And in accordance with that, they offer the fastest cPanel hosting with feature-filled packages backed up with Litespeed web servers. YouStable also offers various cheap Web Hosting In Dubai.

With NVMe SSD drives, the fastest storage, your Best cPanel hosting will run as smoothly as it can.

To get the most advanced and latest web hosting experience, you should blindly opt YouStable, and why should you do that?

The reasons are listed below!

Price and Plans

You can select from the three ideal plans that YouStable offer for its cPanel Hosting and choose according to your needs and requirements:


YouStable’s support team specializes in working efficiently to provide support to its customers. Their 24*7*365 customer support works round the clock to serve you with uninterrupted services through

  • Chat,
  • Call,
  • Email, and
  • Ticket support

They offer a detailed knowledge base to make users understand things on their own first. All of these make YouStable’s support one of the outstanding quality features!

With our test on their support team, YouStable came out with excellent results as they replied within minutes to our queries!

Why Choose YouStable?

Without saying much, we’ll list some best reasons for you to choose YouStable over other hosting providers:

  • Powerful Automation Platform
  • One-Click CMS Installations
  • Powered with NVMe SSD
  • Latest MySQL & PHP Version
  • Professional 24/7/365 Support
  • Guaranteed 30 days Money Back Policy

Not only these, but YouStable also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you don’t lose potential clients, Daily Backups because they value your data and other benefits.
Now, let alone a single reason for you not to choose YouStable’s Cpanel Hosting.

TMD Hosting

With a claimed 16X faster page loading speed, live malware protection, and top-notch security, TMD hosting provides one of the best cPanel Hosting to its customers.

Since its establishment in 2007, TMD Hosting has been a recommended provider of HostAdvice and PC Mag’s editor’s choice. Hence, it can be your ideal choice.

Price and Plans

TMD Hosting provides good quality features at reasonable rates with cPanel in its hostings. Here’s an attached screenshot of TMD Hosting’s plans and pricing:


With TMD Hosting’s feature of

  • Chat
  • Ticket option

Assistance at any point in time makes their support team the best. Their experienced staff is friendly and always up to help their customers. The only shortcoming is they do not have a chat option.

When there’s no obstacle on the way, how smooth the journey goes, isn’t it? So, to avoid inconveniences, choose TMD Hosting for their uninterrupted services and support.

Why Choose TMD Hosting?

TMDHosting also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee like other hosting providers. While working with them, you may get cPanel/WHM control panels that manage your websites and discount on domain names and caching.

Besides features like

  • An isolated environment to work in
  • Span detecting experts
  • Free daily backups

What’s the harm in choosing TMD Hosting as your hosting provider?


BlueHost provides the best WordPress cPanel Hosting with remarkable and unique features.

Bluehost was established in 2003 and now has become one of the leading web-hosting providers globally. Bluehost has always invented innovative new ways to deliver the best of services to its customers.

BlueHost provides comprehensive tools to its users for them to grow in their business through their smooth and creative website.

Price and Plans

We’ve attached a screenshot of BlueHost’s WordPress cPanel Hosting plans with their prices as listed on their official website:


BlueHost provides its customers with

● Chat
● Phone call

Options for guidance and support. They are available round the clock, i.e. 24*7, in your service to ensure the smooth running of your business.

You can find the chat option, and all of their helpline numbers are listed on their official website.

We tested BlueHost too, and the results came out pretty well. After filling in the details, their support came up within seconds to respond to us!

Why Choose BlueHost?

BlueHost is the leading supplier of WordPress Hosting. With its power to establish and grow your online business with its remarkable services and features, how wouldn’t one choose them?

But anyway, we need some facts and figures to determine if we should choose BlueHost or not!

  • 100+ Free WordPress Themes
  • 100+ Free Stock Image Library
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • WordPress Website Migration
  • Automatic Site Optimization
  • Mobile-Responsive Themes
  • Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • Free Staging Environment


Working towards perfection for the last 22 years, InterServer has marked its position among the top web hosting providers around the globe.

They offer ease in managing various domains, creating and managing databases, a high level of security, multiple cloud apps, and whatnot!

With these unique qualities and unrivaled support, InterServer has left no stone unturned to provide its customers with excellent services at reasonable prices.

Price and Plans

InterServer provides cPanel in their VPS and Dedicated hosting. Let’s look into their plans. You can go for cheaper plans than InterServer with other hosting providers.


InterServer provides 24/7 customer support with

  • Chat,
  • Call and
  • Ticket options
  • We tried InterServer’s chat option, and it didn’t turn out to be so good. They took a lot of time to respond to our query. (Approx. Half an hour).

Why Choose InterServer?

InterServer provides unlimited storage, transfers, email, and websites to its users in their plans. With such features introduced in the starting itself, there are more of them in the box! Let’s see why should one specifically choose InterServer as their web hosting provider:

  • Free Website Migration
  • $7.99 Domain Registration when you buy any hosting
  • Owned Datacenter
  • Friendly Staff
  • Quality Hardware
  • Guaranteed email

Benefits Of Choosing cPanel Web Hosting Plans

We will have a pointwise elaboration of the benefits of cPanel web hosting:

Easy to use

Because of how accessible and relevant the dashboard is, processes like uploading and installing features are simple. It contains a number of click functions, which makes it simple to do jobs. And it’s the best option for beginners as well.


The possibility for management to be done by a group of individuals is one of its major advantages. This will ensure that the management of your site may continue even if you are not present.
You’ll be able to track the amount of traffic that comes to your site, as well as other important statistics, which will help you improve its performance. The fact that cPanel stats provide more detailed information sets it apart.

Cost Efficiency

Obtaining space with other site management solutions is usually extremely costly. The cost of maintenance of cPanel is reduced because all applications are integrated for its seamless operation. This makes it the cheapest control panel of all.


cPanel is an excellent approach to administering your website while keeping it secure.

It consists of functions that protect your data and prevent fraudulent activities on your website. You can use the two-tier verification systems to ensure that any attempts to penetrate your site are detected.

There are more benefits of cPanel like compatibility with various browsers, extensions, and plugins, the addition of various domains, database support, and more.

All in all, cPanel Hosting is one of the best and a better option among all other control panels, and we could service this through these observations and points listed above, which makes cPanel unique and more trustable.


1. Which hosting provider is best in India?

Ans- After our analysis of the best cPanel hosting providers in India, we came up with three answers:

  • A2 Hosting: Best for its WordPress optimization
  • YouStable: Best in support and WordPress optimization
  • InterServer: Best in VPS web hosting service

2. Which hosting is fastest in India?

Ans- A2 Hosting and YouStable Web Hosting undoubtedly tops the list of the fastest web hosting in India.

They both rightly stand on their claim of a 99.9% uptime guarantee with the latest technology servers and storage to make your website run fast and smooth.

3. Is cPanel good for hosting?

Ans- Yes, cPanel is easy to use and flexible. From a beginner to a professional, anyone can quickly accomplish their tasks over cPanel without facing any significant difficulties,

4. What hosting companies use cPanel?

Ans- The companies we’ve listed above all provide cPanel in their hosting, namely:

  • BlueHost
  • YouStable
  • A2 Hosting
  • InterServer
  • TMD Hosting


With the discussion of the 5 best cPanel hosting providers in India, we came across certain details which determine each hosting to be different and unique from the other.
And these specifications can be determined by you according to your needs and the hosting requirements.

If you work with any of these hosting companies, you will ensure growth in your online presence. So, choose accordingly and make the best out of these 5 cPanel hosting providers.

We hope this article turned out to be of help to you. Feel free to ask us any of your queries; we’ll be delighted to answer them!


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