A Detailed Overview of Allergies


Allergy is the body’s reaction to any particular substance or food. It is quite common affecting every 1 in 5 people in the UK. It invades the body of every people at any point in life. Although it is natural in kids mostly clear away on their own along with aging. Rarely, a few of them are everlasting.

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Adults develop allergies to the substances they aren’t allergic to. Allergy is really annoying and hinders daily activities. A major of them are mild with having control over them. Occasionally, it results in severe reactions. Here, in this blog, let’s derive more information on allergies.

Common allergens

Allergens are components leading to allergic reactions.

Some most typical allergens are:

  • Dust mites
  • Tree and grass pollen- it results in hay fever (allergic rhinitis)
  • Stings and insect bites
  • Foods- cows’ milk, eggs, shellfish, fruits, and nuts
  • animal dander, hair, skin’s tiny flakes
  • Household chemicals- hair dyes and detergents
  • Latex- materials used in making condoms and gloves
  • Medicines- antibiotics, aspirin, and ibuprofen
  • Mould- small air particles causing air-borne diseases which people inhale

These are all harmless to the people non-allergic to these components.

Allergies symptoms

Allergic reactions take place rapidly after exposure to the allergen.

It will cause:

  • Itchy, red rash
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Watery, itchy and red eyes
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Worse condition of eczema or asthma

Mostly, allergies are mild! However, severe ones lead to anaphylaxis. Sometimes, the patients can suffer from anaphylactic shock as well. It regards as a medical emergency that needs immediate care, attention, and treatment.

Seek help for allergies

You should visit an allergist to check whether you or your kids are subject to allergies. Allergic reactions can happen because of other conditions as well. A GP or an allergist can determine if there is any allergic reaction. For that, you may need to undergo an allergy test in London.

It helps in determining if the allergy is mild or severe. Accordingly, you will receive essential treatment and advice to control the conditions, especially symptoms. In case of any doubt, you will refer to allergy specialists for further tests and treatments.

Tips to manage the allergy

Avoiding the allergen leading to allergy is the efficient way to manage the allergy in most cases. For food allergies, check out the ingredients of the allergens prior to having them. Certain medications can assist in controlling the symptoms of allergies. Some of them are:

  • Antihistamines- One can take it on noticing the symptoms of an allergic reaction after being subjected to the allergen. It stops the occurrence of the reaction.
  • Decongestants- For the blocked nose, short-term treatment is effective. It is available in the form of liquids, nasal sprays, capsules, and tablets. Creams and lotions like emollients help in the reduction of itchiness and skin redness.
  • Steroid medicines- Tablets, inhalers, creams, drops, and sprays are helpful for lessening swelling and redness due to allergy.

In case of severe allergies, immunotherapy is essential to help the patients to get rid of the symptoms. This process involves exposing the body to the allergen in limited quantity to let the body becomes familiar with it.

What are the causes of allergies?

When the immune system of the body reacts to any specific substance considering it is harmful it leads to allergies. Although the exact reason for allergy has unknown yet it affects the people having a family history with allergy and other associated conditions like eczema or asthma. The fact is the percentage of allergic people is hiking every year.

In spite of unknown reasons, the theory reveals that it can happen due to the overreaction of the immune system to any harmless components. One can suffer from it because of surviving in a germ-free and clean environment. It allows the immune system to the faceless quantity of germs in the air leads to overreaction during exposure.

What are intolerance, sensitivity, and allergy?


If any substance leads to unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea without interference with the immune system it is intolerance. People having an intolerance to any food can consume little amount of it.


It is the exaggeration of the natural substance’s effects. For instance, caffeine in coffee can cause symptoms like trembling and palpitations.


It refers to the reaction of the immune system of the body to be exposed to natural harmless substances.

I Hope, you have acquired more information on allergies. If you ever experience something unusual regarding your body or skin; contact the doctor immediately. It may happen you get exposed to any allergens. Only doctors can help in managing the symptoms on time.


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