5 Useful and Best Car Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season


Well, who does not want luxury and comfort in their lives? There must be none! Everyone in this world has the dream of living the best life and having luxurious things. One such thing which people buy for their own comfort and luxury is the car. Whether the car is of small budget or the car is of big budget, it gives comfort in all cases. In every situation a car gives you comfort. It’s something which everyone dreams to have.

Car Accessories

But! What happens when you stop taking care of the car you own? Definitely with time it will become nothing but a useless thing. Everyone and everything around need to be handled with care and so is your car. It took your all or half of the savings to buy a brand new car so keeping it safe means a long run. 

Some of you might be thinking of ways to take care of your car. Definitely from time to time cleaning and servicing your car is important but there is something else which is equally important too. These are “Car Accessories”. Yes, car accessories are something which adds more life to your car by protecting it. 

Here in Autoformindia we offer you a variety of car accessories which will help you to protect your car from dust, dirt, strains and more. You will find accessories for many brands like- Chevrolet, Hyundai, Tata, Toyota, Honda etc. Let’s have a look at some of the best and useful car accessories which you can buy for your car. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Comfort Accessories – Comfort accessories include seat cushions and neck pillow.  We give some best quality cushions and pillows made especially to give you comfort on your long drives. These cushions and pillows are known to give you support, relief from pain and you keep your posture correct. This is something which you should buy. Their price ranges from Rs. 999 to Rs. 1,750. 
  • Steering Covers- Steering covers is another useful accessory which you can find on our portal. Steering covers made by us have no foul or chemical smell and are UV resistant. They have antibacterial properties that fit best to your car’s steering. With terrific grip these covers range from Rs. 490 to Rs. 999.
  • Back Seat Organizer– Back seat organizer by us is definitely one of a kind. We have designed it keeping your needs in mind. Made with leather and unique designs, our back seat organizer has many pockets. From newspaper, tissue, to water bottle you can keep anything into the pockets without a second thought. 
  • Aux Mobile Cables- Mobile cables are another important accessory which you all might feel its need when on a long drive. With an affordable price of Rs. 380 this mobile cable is easy to plug and has a 3.8 mm jack. We have made it with copper and it is tangle free. 
  • Car Care Accessories– For the proper cleaning of your car and for proper polishing of your car’s surface our 5 product kits are very useful. We have provided a polish for your car’s interior, a liquid wax polish for the outside surface of your car, car shampoo for Cleaning your car, glass cleaner to clean your car’s glass properly and a multipurpose cloth just at Rs.1,299.

Final Words

We assure you that our products are made from high quality material and are long lasting. Also the price is comparatively less than many others.  So! What are you waiting for? Purchase and gift your loved ones the car accessory from our official website. 


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