Fine Art Moving can be a task of extreme toil and stress. Just as your artworks are so beautiful, they are fragile as well. They need to be taken completely care of because they are prone to easy damage. For such elements, you might need to hire professional packers & movers that help you ease some stress.


It is important to understand that your artworks are precious and need some experienced hands to pack, move, unload and unpack them. Counted as a fragile item, each piece of fine art is dealt with proper care and attention. However, some of the other things to remember while moving your precious belongings are mentioned as follows:-

Purchase Extra Insurance

It is always helpful to purchase some transit insurance for all the belongings you want to move. However, when it is about your favorite & important paintings, statues, or other art pieces, you would want to be double sure. Therefore, it is always wise to get some extra insurance for these fragile articles.
You might want to cover these belongings in case of any accidental damage or loss during the transit. Fine Arts Moving Insurance will specifically cover those articles and give you peace of mind during the move.

Make Sure You Have Proper Packing Materials

Before the process begins, you must ensure that there are sufficient packing materials available to you. Materials that support the fine art piece properly must be put to use efficiently and carefully. Make sure you have Artist tape, Foam boards, Crates or large boxes, blankets for packing, materials to provide cushioning, Bubble wrap, harmful chemical-free paper, and others.
All these will help you ensure that your precious articles are packed in the safest way possible. They can absorb the shock and yet not get damaged. However, just as it is important to use the right materials, it is also necessary to use the right techniques for packing.

Follow Proper Practices for Packing

One must keep several aspects in mind while they are packing something precious as art pieces. The techniques used for the same have a major role. The pointers as follows will help you understand the proper practices:-

  • The use of gloves is important so that there is no scratch or damage to the artwork. It protects the hands from getting hurt and from chemicals involved in making the art object.
  • Protecting with the aid of acid-free paper and/or glassine is also important so that it is saved from natural factors like air, water, or grease.
  • Make good use of bubble wrap to save the artwork as much as possible from shock during transportation.
  • Ensure that there is ample cushioning and filling in the boxes or cartons you pack. There must be no vacant space. Otherwise, there are more chances of wreckage.
  • Make sure that you label these cartons or boxes as “Fragile” so that they are handled with extreme care while loading and unloading.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Not every time, you might be able to move just after the moment you’ve finished packing. You might require storage facilities for your belongings. The storage can be long-term as well as short-term. It all depends on customs clearance as well as the time you have planned to move.
In Special cases, such as that of artworks, you might require more than just a simple storage facility. Many artworks are so delicate that they have to be stored in a temperature-controlled setup. This is why you must avail storage options that help your artworks stay in a temperature-regulated condition.

Ask your mobility partner about the same. Even if you are opting for a self-storage facility, make sure these amenities are available for your precious valuables.

Make sure of the Right Packers & Movers.

It is understood that moving an item as fragile and vulnerable as an art piece can be challenging. However, there is a great solution to minus that stress out of the picture. Your hassle can easily be managed by hiring a professional and experienced moving company to relocate your goods for you.
Their customized package of services can be all inclusive of every facility that you require. They suggest you the best ways possible to make the transition swift & smooth. Above all, their expertise can make sure that your goods don’t get even a single scratch. Thus, look out for a professional relocating company and solve all the problems hassle-free.


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