5 Best Indoor Plants for Increasing Air Quality


If we pick the reports of surveys conducted by international forums and organizations on Pollution, India is on the top of such surveys list. The air quality index of major Indian cities and rural areas is deteriorating at a high pace. Owing to such circumstances, the respiratory system of humans is at high risk of catching the diseases like Asthma at an early age.

5 Best Indoor Plants for Increasing Air Quality

To reduce this risk, we can do to enhance the air quality index by placing indoor plants that can purify the air for us. Here is a good list of the top five indoor plants that can detoxify the air very well by leaving us a space to breathe freely.

1. The snake plant can top the list of air purifier

The snake plant or also known as “my mother-in-law’s tongue “, is the best air purifying plant that can be placed indoors to purify the air. This plant needs secondary care and economics to keep with minimum maintenance costs. Plus, you have to take this note very carefully about snake plants that purify the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is icing on the cake for humans. So do not give a second thought to planting this snake plant in your gallery or living space if you want to breathe in clean air.

2. Succulents like Aloe Vera

The most popularly known succulent on earth is Aloe Vera which we are aware of from birth. Every third home has aloe Vera for different purposes. Many use it for skin problems, others for treating their digestive system, hair problems and whatnot. Have you ever heard about the benefits of Aloe Vera for purifying the air of your room or living space? You read it right that Aloe Vera and other succulents like earth Hooper, Agave, Jade plant etc., are an excellent natural way of removing pollutants from the air and detoxifying it.

3. Fern plants are excellent indoor plant

Have you ever thought about why hills are considered the best for their air and people suffering from respiratory diseases are asked to shift in a hill station for some time? Forget about it. Think of the sanatorium which used to be built in greenery equipped areas. Why? This is because the fern plants are highly found at height, and these ferns are very powerful in cleaning the air by managing the pollutant in it. So if you are planting fern plants in your home, you are making a wise decision to keep the atmosphere of your bedroom or hall clean.

4. Peace Lily is a marvelous air purifier

According to a survey of air purifier plants, the first place is secured by peace lily to purify the air naturally. You do not have to make a big dent in your wallet by bringing those air purifiers home and making a little more effort to plant and maintain indoor plants like peace lily and others enlisted here. It will help you have a natural air purifier at home, which is far better than those electrically operated cleaners that are not a good buy in the long term for human health and the respiratory system.

5. Money plant is suitable for increasing air quality

Another commonly known plant to detoxify the air is the money plant which we know very well. You can also grow hydroponic money plants to avoid the soil in your bedroom. Money plant is not going to cost you more than a cup of coffee for the entire month, and in return, it gives you so many benefits in the form of an air purifier, and that is too without any side effects.

So if you are planting these indoor plants for fresh air in your living space, you need not invest those stacks of money in bringing air purifiers to your home.


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