Things to Know Before Choosing Online Counselling


With a click of an app or a tap in an app you’ll gain instant and cheap access to a therapist or, at least, make the claims of a variety of new technologies and tools that aim to move psychotherapy away from the therapist’s workplace and to any place you’re connected to the Internet. Utilizing the Web can be a convenient option for those who feel comfortable on the Internet and are seeking assistance.

However, before you register, login and begin chatting. There are some things to be aware of regarding online therapy.

Online Counselling

Psychologists typically refer to any form of therapy offered through telecommunication devices or tools as online therapy. You can hear it referred to as Web therapy or phone therapy, or text therapy. If you’re talking to psychologists via a website or phone, or even a mobile application, you may be participating in Online Counselling.

The technology could lead to the evolution of how individuals receive psychotherapy or interact with psychologists. Researchers are interested in the field of telehealth and telepsychology and are evaluating the effectiveness of this technology specifically in comparison to in-person or session-based psychotherapy in offices. Like technology, research is still relatively new and there’s plenty of science that doesn’t know.

There are a few things to be aware of prior to enrolling for any service which is exclusively offered on the internet or via telephone.

Why do people enjoy Online Counselling?

Online Counselling holds a lot of potentials and can provide advantages over psychotherapy in person. It’s a good option. Online therapy can save you time from your desk or worrying about traffic. There is no need to travel far to visit your psychologist. Call a number or sign on to an Online Counselling platform and the session can take place anywhere you feel at ease.

  • In comparison with traditional in-person therapy, it is sometimes portrayed as cheaper. Some apps will offer pricing that offers unlimited access for a monthly or weekly cost. The Online Counselling session could appear to be significantly less expensive than office sessions. If you’re not keen on using insurance to cover therapy, this might be an advantage. The subject of the insurance industry and online therapy will be covered in the following section.
  • Internet communication is accessible to a large number of users, especially younger adults or people who are frequent users of technology. Many people are using emails, webinars, and text messages to communicate, and it may seem more relaxed or less stressful than speaking with an individual in person, especially when you are sharing private or personal details.
  • It allows access to those who cannot access the office. In some rural areas, the nearest psychologist’s office might be just a few minute’s drives away. People with chronic illnesses or disabilities might find it difficult to travel, or at all able to get out of their homes. In such cases, online therapy might be the only way to assist.

What do you need to be thinking about when it comes to web-based therapy

However, despite the potential advantages, psychologists warn that online therapy may not be the best choice for everyone and in every situation that requires professional assistance. There are a few things to take into consideration or inquire about prior to making a decision to sign up: Are the therapists licensed?

All psychologists and other therapists are required to have a license from the jurisdiction where they are practising. The laws governing licensure protect you by ensuring that only those who have been trained and competent to practice get authorization and provide Online Counselling services. Also, it ensures you are protected in the event you have issues with the treatment you receive. Before signing up for any Web services, you should know the person you’re working with, and if they have authorization, the location where the license is issued along with the licensing number. Online Counselling platform like TalktoAngel provides an online directory searchable for all its Online Counsellors who are licensed by the relevant law to deliver online counselling.

What is the cost of the treatment? In comparison to traditional therapy, online therapy is affordable and accessible and has discounts offered for the services. At Online Counselling platforms like TalktoAngel Online Counselling is provided from INR 500 to INR 4000 depending upon the Online Counsellor chosen. The costs per Online Counsellor are dependent upon their experience and qualifications.

A number of psychologists and patients find text messages useful for quick check-ins and reminders. Certain apps are able to help you monitor moods and thoughts. The Web-conferencing feature and stream in real-time can provide an uninterrupted experience when a patient is traveling or is not able to join a regular meeting.

There are instances where online therapy is an option that is viable on its own for a few individuals. If you are looking to connect with a Therapist, Online Counsellor, just simply connect with the ease of Online Counselling at TalktoAngel.


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