Does Car Camera Helps Monitor Driver’s Speed?


Rash driving can lead to serious accidents. As a result of which, it is important to keep a check on the driving behaviour of the driver. This is where the car dash cam comes in handy. A dash cam is a vehicle security camera which can be easily fitted on the dashboard of the car or the windscreen. It helps to record everything inside and outside of the car. High-end dash cams also make it possible to capture the rear-view with the help of a rear-facing lens.

There are smart car cameras which enable you to keep a watch on every activity going on inside the vehicle. To put it in simple words, a dash cam acts as a ‘silent witness’ in case you are involved in any absurd incident. Installing a dash cam for your car is a simple and effective way to capture your drive.

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There are smart mobile alerts in some of the car cameras such as KENT CamEye CarCam 2, which provides immediate information about the breach of any safety measures by the occupants of the car. Alerts such as car speed and over speeding alert keep you notified about the driving speed. In case, there is an emergency, the driver of the vehicle can also press the SOS button on the device. Once the button is pressed, you will receive an IVR call along with an SMS containing the live location of the vehicle, and the required support can be offered to them.

Smart car cameras also come with a 4G-powered device that keeps you connected with your car and the loved ones seated in it with the help of a mobile application. It offers a wide variety of alerts at the user’s end to ensure the safety of the car and its passengers sitting inside the car. Therefore, in case of emergencies, one could take proper action.

Additionally, these car cameras offer in-car alarms as well against any breach by the driver in the car and prevent any chances of misuse. These types of in-car alarms are the audio alerts generated by the vehicle security camera installed on the windshield of the car.
Monitoring the driver is an essential part of efficient fleet management. Fleet tracking vehicle dash cams help improve driver safety and at the same time, it enhances fuel efficiency. Additionally, features such as dual car cameras provide footage of the road and the interior of the vehicle. In case of an accident, you can easily access the footage to fully understand the cause and protect yourself and your staff in the event of a claim.

Managing a vehicle fleet is a difficult task. However, it is extremely important for the vehicle owners to keep a track of the vehicle and the driver. And, the only possible way to do this is to have a vehicle camera installed in place. Due to the GPS tracking installed inside the vehicle, you will have information about the exact location of the vehicle, so, if the driver takes detours, you will be notified. Therefore, if the driver tries to use the vehicle for personal use, you will get to know. Also, since there are car cameras with live video streaming, so you can keep the track of the activities happening inside the vehicle anytime you want.

If you remain worried about the inappropriate usage of the vehicle, you must get installed a highly advanced vehicle security camera. There are various car cameras available today. But, you must choose the one which comes with all the essential security features such as Live Video Streaming, Parked Mode Video Recording, GPS Tracker, and many more which enables efficient tracking of the vehicle and the driver.


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