The 10 Most Difficult Keywords On Moz That We Already Rank For


SEO is a difficult skill to master, and there are plenty of SEOs out there that still use traditional skills like keyword research, competitive analysis, and link building. However, with the rise of AI powered software like Moz, search engine optimization has become much easier.


What are the 10 most difficult keywords on Moz?

There are a few keywords that are consistently difficult for us to rank for. Here are the 10 most difficult keywords on Moz:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Web Development
  5. Website Design
  6. Online Marketing
  7. eCommerce
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Digital Marketing Agency
  10. Link Building

How do we rank these keywords?

One of the most difficult things about ranking keywords on Moz is figuring out which ones are actually worth ranking for. In this article, we’ll outline how we rank these keywords and what factors we use to make our decisions.

First, we use a keyword relevance analysis tool to see how often people are searching for the keyword in relation to other relevant terms. This helps us determine whether the keyword is related to what we’re looking for and whether it has a high search volume.

Then, we look at the competition of the keyword to see how hard it is to rank for and whether there are any dominant competitors. We also look at the demographics of the keyword’s users to see if there’s a particular market that it targets.

Last, we use a variety of other tools to help us make our final decision on whether to rank the keyword.

How does the Keyword Difficulty compare to that of other keyword tools?

When it comes to keyword difficulty, Moz is definitely in a league of its own. While other keyword tools offer a variety of ways to measure difficulty, Moz’s tool is the only one that solely relies on Google search data. This makes Moz the clear choice for those looking to target difficult keywords.

Another big advantage of using Moz is its versatility. Unlike other keyword tools, which are limited to specific marketing channels (such as paid search or organic search), Moz can be used in any online campaign. This includes both SEO and PPC campaigns.

All things considered, Moz’s keyword Difficulty is easily one of the most impressive features on the platform. It provides researchers with an accurate estimate of how difficult it will be to rank for a given keyword, making it the perfect tool for any marketer looking to take their business to the next level.

Who uses these keywords and why don’t they rank for them?

One of the most difficult keywords to rank for on Moz is “keyword research.” While it may seem like a simple keyword, there are many people who don’t use it and don’t rank for it.

To figure out who ranks for this keyword and why, we looked at the Top 20 pages that have the keyword in their title and analyzed the content. We found that most of these pages are from companies that offer SEO services or products related to keyword research.

These companies typically have an E-commerce site or a website that sells a physical product. They may also be software companies or experts in a specific industry. In other words, these pages aren’t from everyday people; they’re from people who use the keyword and know how to rank for it.

If you’re looking to rank for this keyword, make sure you’re targeting pages from people who use the keyword and know how to rank for it.


There are a lot of difficult keywords on Moz that we already rank for, so you don’t need to worry about ranking for them. However, if you want to try and rank for some of these more challenging keywords, there are a few tips that will help you out. First, make sure that your page is optimized for the keyword phrase. This means making sure your title tags, meta data, H1 tags, and other elements of your page are all optimized for the keyword phrase.

Second, make sure that your content is high-quality and relevant to the keyword phrase. Third, distribute your content across multiple channels (such as social media platforms). Finally, continue working on improving your website’s overall organic search visibility over time. These tips will help you rank higher for harder-to-rank keywords on Moz.


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