Keep Your Home Secure: 5 Tips to Prevent Break-Ins And Theft


Home burglaries and thefts are on the rise everywhere in the world. Due to the rise in unemployment and high inflation rates, these activities are increasing, and law enforcement agencies have turned a blind eye to this matter.

You have to take safety measures on your own to ensure the safety of your property, belongings, and, most importantly, your family. In what ways can you make your home a safe place to live in? Well fret not we will discuss five useful tips you can implement in your home for security purposes to make it as safe as possible. Let’s get started.

Keep Your Home Secure

5 Safety Tips to Keep Your House Safe From Break-ins and Thefts

You can find many advanced security systems on the market that monitor and protect your home. You can also deceive a burglar through several useful tactics and maintain the safety of your residence. In the following sections, we will explore both of these security measures.

1. Make Sure Your Doors, Windows, And Chimneys Are Secure

Locking your windows and doors is an easy way to protect your home from intruders, but how often do we do this? Unlocked doors, windows, and chimneys are easy targets for burglars. The doors of your home should be kept locked even if you are at home. Make sure all doors and windows on the first floor are securely closed before leaving the house.

Keeping track of your entryways can also be achieved with the assistance of some devices. Such as window sensors and smart locks can track when doors and windows have been left open and lock automatically.

A Chimney cap not only prevents rainwater and animal from coming into your house but also keeps intruders from entering as well. Before using a chimney cap, you must have a gas safety certificate cp12 to ensure that your fireplace doesn’t have any gas leaks.

2. Invest In A Home Security System

An effective home security system prevents intruders from gaining access to your home and alerts you to an intruder’s presence. It is estimated that homes without any sort of security system have roughly a three-fold increased risk of being burglarized compared to a house with one.

Seeing a security camera or a sign indicating that a security system is installed will likely discourage intruders.

Investing in home security cameras is an excellent option for adding a layer of security to your home. You can use security cameras to monitor your yard and porch, while door and window sensors will notify you if anyone has accessed your house.

It is also possible that your security company will notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities if there is a break-in. It is also possible to install security systems at a reasonable cost. Budget-friendly security cameras, DIY security systems, and stand-alone devices are available out there.

3. Install Lighting Outside Your Home

When burglars sneak into a property, they don’t want to feel like they’re on the show, and outside lights can help with that. Intruders may keep moving when they see lights outside because they often see opportunities to commit crimes. A house without any outside lighting seems like an open opportunity for burglars.

Motion-sensor lights illuminate your yard based on motion detection, rather than having outdoor lights ‘on’ all the time. It is possible that intruders will flee if they are startled by lights that work on motion detection.

Numerous cameras for outdoor surveillance are available for those who wish to go the extra mile. You can ensure your family’s and property’s safety by upgrading your video surveillance system with high-end or budget-friendly options.

4. Keep Your Garage Locked At All Times

Most people are concerned about the security of their residences while neglecting their garages entirely. Sometimes, this can be a convenient method of gaining entry to your residence. As a first step, ensure that you have secured all regular access points to the garage, including doors and windows.

Rather than leaving the garage door opener in your car, keep it at home, where it is less likely to be stolen. Also, you should lock the door leading from your garage to the rest of your house. You can still keep your home safe even if someone can break through your garage door and gain access to it.

You may choose to retrofit your garage door opener with a smart component like you would with a smart door lock. The technology allows you to monitor and control your garage using your smartphone and schedule when it will shut off.

5. Provide the Appearance That Someone is Staying At Home.

There is a high likelihood that most burglars will not try to break into your home when you are present. They would prefer to find an empty home in the hopes of getting in and out as fast as possible. It is therefore important to maintain the appearance of someone at home at all times to prevent intruders.

While working, you may find it necessary to have the light on or the television on at times. Make sure a neighbor or family member collects your mail when you are away for an extended period. Since getting a lot of mail can be a sign that the homeowner has been away for a long period of time.

There are smart lights now available which can be used to create special effects like someone is present at home even though they are not. You can periodically program these devices to turn on and off to simulate a person’s presence at home.

Final Thoughts On Safety Tips For Preventing Burglaries

In conclusion, following these five tips can help keep your home secure and protect you from break-ins and theft. Always keep your doors and windows locked, especially when you are not at home. Don’t forget to take your spare key with you, if you have one.

Consider installing a home security system that includes sensors and cameras to keep an eye on your property at all times. Please make sure you notify your local police department if you see any suspicious activity taking place in your neighborhood. And finally, always keep a key for emergency access to your home in case of an emergency.


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