How to Shift Bike From One State to Another


Relocating to a new location is an incredible experience. If the new site is in a different state, you’ll need to figure out how to go from one place to another securely. When moving to a new state, you must consider how you will transport your belongings. You may also consider moving your vehicle from one to another state. When you’re unsure of how to change, it’s challenging. However, here are some ideas for moving a two-wheeler from one to another state.

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When you shift your homes to your new area then you make strategies where there are different categories in which you find fragile items, flammable items, and heavy objects like old furniture and electronic devices. But in the end, you will manage all these things by packing, loading, and setting your things at your destination. Another problem is where you can find how you can shift your bike from one place to another.

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Some of these actions must be followed before shifting your automobile to a different state:

  • You must have a licensed two-wheeler from the R.T.O. office in which place you currently reside. Then, you must obtain a N.O.C. from that office to verify that your car is not subject to any obligations.
  • Because the N.O.C. does not last indefinitely, you must complete this step before the expiration date.
  • Whether the bike was acquired with a loan or another type of financing. You must sign a Non-Obligation Certificate (N.O.C.) to affirm that the bike is fully free of any bank or other financial obligations.
  • N.O.C. means that your bike is fully free of R.T.O. obligations and charges.
  • After that, you should be able to easily shift your vehicle from one to another state.
  • You should be expected to pay trustworthy expenses to ride your car to the new state where you need to live. The R.T.O of the new city deducts this use. The charges of the vehicle would be given by the new state’s R.T.O. You should stay aware of the shipping of your bicycle while guaranteeing the security of the bicycle and the p.u.c. While moving your bike starting with one state and then onto the next, this is additionally required. You should approve your bike after it has shown up in the new area. The initial two letters of the second state’s R.T.O. likewise change. In the event that your state is Gujarat, for instance, the initial two letters are GJ. You will get a declaration from R.T.O. after the confirmation is finished.

The process for re-registering your motorcycle.

If you wish to move your car to another state, you must first register it with the R.T.O. office.

Simply complete the FORM 25 and send it to the R.T.O. office. PUC, the original certificate for your bike, valid protections document whose expiry date is not the final day of the comparison of the present, and the engine number is clearly stated, acceptance of the charge paid off the road tax and other R.T.O costs are all needed papers with this form.

When relocating your automobile from one state to another, you must take the following steps:

  1. On the self-declaration form, you must have 10rs. stamp-paper with an authenticated Notary stamp that indicates the document you attach has no continuing charges and is original.
  2. The N.O.C. of the R.T.O. of the previous city in which you resided. As a result, the two-wheeler is not considered a thief by NARB.
  3. If you have an active loan on your car, you must obtain the bank’s or financer’s N.O.C.
  4. You should present the relevant records to the R.T.O. of the new state. Application form25, PUC, Original enrollment papers, Valid Protection receipt, Double duplicate of Forms20 – Forms27 and 28, an Attested duplicate of the new objective of another state, NARB freedom, shrewd card duplicate, suspension engraving, and id confirmation are among the necessary records.
  5. If you use the services of a professional firm, make sure you have the receipt that you must obtain from the transportation company. The corporation explained all of the charges, safeguards, and corporate policy in this document.

There are a few options for moving your car from one state to another. There are different methods where you can easily shift your bike but for that, there are some rules you follow according to the government guidelines where you can take some of the documents which are required.


This is a relatively simple procedure. Simply keep all of the two-paper wheelers with you and drive yourself. This sort of route is advantageous since you will simply have to pay tolls and no extra taxes. Your bike is also safe since it does not come into contact with another hand as a result of this procedure. As a result, I recommend that you drive yourself to switch your bike from one condition to another. When your new state is close to your prior state, this is simple; but, if your new state is far from the second service, you must complete the procedures outlined below.

Hire a professional transportation agent or company.

As a result, the fees will rise because this sort of service requires more processes to complete. To begin, you must choose which professional transport system is both good and inexpensive. Because some companies advertise lower fees, once you buy their services, you will be hit with additional fees, which are known as hidden fees. Before you choose a transportation service, you must first discuss the starting and ending points for shifting the bike. You won’t have to worry about anything once you’ve paid because the firm you hired is accountable for any damages. Some transportation companies also provide bike security services, which ensure that your bike is safe until it arrives at the location you specify and you receive your bike.

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Because we take so much time, moving bikes from one location to another takes a long time. When moving to another state, a lot of documentation is required because if you know how to transport from one state to another, you won’t have any problems with the transition. Before you choose any form of transportation service, you should read all of the documentation listed above to see whether it will be of use to you. If you find another best solution which is an easy trick and easily move from one place to another then you can suggest me and I will try to add it to this post. Till that read this post and let me find the new topic for your solution to the problem.


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