How To Create Professional Videos On Your Smartphone As A Beginner


There are many people who do not have the budget to hire a professional videographer in order to make their videos look well kept and aesthetically pleasing. But what if you could? You might be thinking that it is too difficult or too expensive, or you can’t afford the equipment.

How Accessible Is Your Smartphone to Shoot Videos?

Recreate your memories with a smartphone camera. Technology continues to evolve, and smartphones are not just used for calling anymore. Nowadays, they can be used for capturing video as well. The good thing is that most cameras on smartphones are starting to become very user-friendly, so it’s not too difficult to learn how to use them.

Smartphone As A Beginner

What makes a good video good?

In a perfect world, we would all have high-tech video equipment and lights, but that is not always the case. Making videos at home on your computer can be a lot of fun, but it usually produces lacklustre results. You can make pro-level videos with just your phone, though! Read on to learn.

Choose A Good Background

When you plan to make a video, it is important that you choose a good background. If your video looks amateurish, potential clients will be less likely to want to hire you. Try changing your view of the landscape for a more professional appearance.

Prefer Landscape over Portrait Mode

Another great tip for filming is to use the landscape mode on your phone. It’s easier to keep your phone still because you don’t have to worry about holding it portrait (vertically) and because it reduces the chances of accidentally recording a blurry photo when using the zoom in/out buttons.

Have a steady shot

The first, and perhaps most important technique is to hold the camera steady. This can be accomplished by adopting one of two techniques. The first is to cup your hands around the camera lens to steady it. The second method is to brace it against your chest, face or really where ever you’re able to stabilize it. You can also choose to utilize tripods and stabilizers. There’s nothing more distracting than a shaky shot.

Record the best audio

Check your mic level before recording and adjust the sound if there’s too much background noise or not enough. Take breaks when talking to yourself while editing to look up any reference materials that you need. It’s okay to be excited while recording, but don’t forget the pace of your speech and make sure there aren’t audible gaps in between sentences.

Focus On Your Subject

When you are videoing something, put your camera on the subject and focus on it. If you use the zoom function, make sure to change back to your original focal point after zooming in. This will help set focal points with ease and adds a beautiful depth to the video.

Have a Good Lighting

Lighting is said to be the key element. You might not have professional lighting at home, but you can create a makeshift lightbox or use natural light for your videos. Make sure that your face and other main elements of the video are in clear view since it’s one of the most important parts.

Use the Rule of Thirds of Videography

This rule is a basic principle that can make your videos more interesting. Divide the screen into thirds both vertically and horizontally, with a thicker line in the center. Your subjects should be placed on the photo left or to the right of the centerline. That deems that the center of the frame should be composed of one-third of each item for it to look best.

Improve Your Videos Online Resources

Most smartphones have some kind of camera app but have limited functions. Good thing that there are apps and sites for a great and simple way to start adding filters, music, crop videos, and text overlay. This can turn a boring video into something more personal or professional-looking.

In conclusion, you don’t need anything more elaborate than a smartphone to create professional-looking videos. They are easy to shoot and edit, but such tasks can be done on any decent camera as well. Nonetheless, the camera quality is really good enough for anyone without breaking the bank.


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