10 Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos for your Next Brand Video


In a rapid competitive digital space, brands are facing an uphill battle to attract the attention of viewers only in the short time. As well as informing, the entertaining innovative content is rapidly leaving behind traditional advertising strategies. Animated explainer videos have become a powerful solution that provides a flexible tool to successfully communicate their brand’s message.

benefits of using animated explainer videos for your next brand video

These bite-sized, visually captivating videos seamlessly blend animation, storytelling and information, which are excellent at capturing attention and increasing understanding of complex concepts. Whether launching a revolutionary product, entering new markets, or increasing brand visibility, an animated explainer video can be a game-changer.

These videos, which efficiently connect fantastic images, attractive stories and the well-practical information, have the unique ability to break hard ideas into attractive stories that keep viewers tied. Using animation, marketers can bring abstract concepts to life, generate emotional relationships and promote a deep understanding of their proposals.

Here are ten attractive reasons to use an animated lecturer in your next brand video, which shows you how this dynamic style can improve your marketing and help you to establish a strong relationship with your audience.

Increased Engagement

Animated explainer videos are excellent at attracting and maintaining the attention of video viewers, which is important in today’s fast-speed digital environment. Unlike stable images or text, animations use visual elements, sound and speed to create a multimodal experience. Bright color and dynamic letters can get into your message, making it more attractive and memorable.

Moreover, the interesting stories woven in these films can retain the attention of the audience from beginning to end, giving them more time on your website or social media page and improving the likelihood of conversion.

Simplification of Complex Concepts

One of the most difficult challenges in communication is to simplify complex ideas while maintaining the essence of the content. Animated videos succeed in this field as they use visual metaphors and sequential fiction to break into complicated processes or abstract ideas into understandable pieces. Visual teaching improves understanding and helps viewers maintain information for a long time. Whether you’re describing how a new technology works or describing the stages of a service process, animation can help you reach a wide range of learners.

Enhanced Brand Identity

Consistency is necessary to create a strong brand identity associated with customers. Animated movies enable your brand’s visual aspects, such as color, logo and overall design to be intuitively integrated into the content. This stability guarantees that each piece of material is clearly identified with your brand, so the brand’s memorandum increases. Moreover, custom animations are custom-made to reflect your brand’s personality, whether it’s pleasant, professional, innovative, or humorous, which helps strengthen your market presence and separate you from competitors.

Broader Appeal

The universal appeal of animated videos is unparalleled. They transcend language and cultural barriers, making them a powerful tool for global reach. Animations can be easily localized with different voiceovers and text, allowing the same video to be effective across diverse markets without the need for significant redesign. This makes them an ideal choice for companies looking to expand internationally or to diverse audiences within a multi-ethnic country.

Emotional Connection

Animated explainer videos have a unique power of emotionally connected with the audience. These films can create many kinds of emotions from joy and laughter to empathy and confidence by using storytellers and using character-driven stories. Emotional participation is an important motivator of customer behavior as it increases loyalty towards the brand and affects shopping decisions. The animation has the ability to transform the audience to consumer and brand champion by setting up emotional relationships.


Due to its flexibility and ease of updating, animated videos are an excellent cost-effective solution to organizations. Compared to live-action videos, which may require new shoots, site rental and talent expenses for any larger update, animated content can be adjusted or expanded with much lower work and price. It’s useful especially for long-term projects or when updating your content to reflect product change, regulatory updates or market activities. Moreover, in high-quality animated video is beneficial for itself with initial investment time as it can be used in various types of promotions without old.


The versatility of animated video is another significant benefit. These videos can be easily integrated into various digital platforms, including your company’s website, social media channels, and digital marketing and email campaigns. Changed or sizes can also be changed to fit them on other platforms without compromising the quality. Whether you need a brief clip for the Instagram post or a long version for the YouTube tutorial, animated films can be prepared in length, style, and format to match a compatible brand message on all channels, maintaining a variety of marketing requirements.

SEO Benefits

Animated videos are also beneficial for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines prioritize content in which users are interested and keep them on your website for a long time, for which videos are famous. By adding animated explainer videos to your website, you increase the visitor’s stop time, which is a good sign for the search engine. Moreover, videos often appear in the search engine’s video results area, which increases visibility. Customizing your video titles, description and tags with relevant keywords will increase your SEO results and more organic traffic will come to your website.

Increased Retention Rates

Animated video’s ability is well identified to improve memory retention. View and auditory stimulation in the animation helps the audience to remember the content. It’s very useful for educational content or complex information that your audience needs to remember. Animated video audience uses storytelling and visual images to help install your message in mind, which increases the likelihood they’ll miss your brand, product or service when choosing the same.

High Shareability

Finally, the shareability of animated explainer videos is an important factor that can increase your brand’s access to a large extent. These videos are often entertaining and informative, which receive the ideal mixture between giving information and being enjoyable to watch. This makes them highly shareable on social media, where people are eager to share anything that increases their interest or broaden their network. As videos are shared, they provide new touchpoints for potential customers, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility and engagement without additional marketing costs.


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