Kedarkantha Trek: Complete Guide


If you enjoy hiking, the Kedarkantha trek is one of the most gratifying experiences you can have. One of the reasons why it is considered a fantastic option is because it is densely forested. The Kedarkantha trek is a 5-day package filled with adventure and pleasure.

Assumed to be one of the best winter treks in India, Kedarkantha is one of those rare Himalayan treks whose doors are always open even during winters. Suitable for those who are looking to begin their journey into the Himalayas or even experienced trekkers looking for a quick getaway.

Kedarkantha trek

With a route stippled with thick oak and pine forests, wide-open green meadows, picture-perfect campsites and panoramic views of dignified Himalayan peaks, the Kedarkantha trek offers the perfect mix of challenges, adventure and drop-dead views.

Kedarkantha Trek at a Glance

  • Starting and Ending point of the trek: Sankri village
  • Difficulty: Moderate (Suitable for Beginners)
  • Kedarkantha Trail: Dense Pine & Oak forests, open meadows & snow during winters.
  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • Base Camp: Sankri (200 kms from Dehradun)
  • Kedarkantha Altitude: 6,000 ft at Sankri to 12,500 ft. at Kedarkantha Peak
  • Kedarkantha Trek Distance: 25 km (Approx)
  • Best Season for Kedarkantha Trek: December to April
  • Duration: 5 days and 4 nights
  • Cost: 4000-6000 INR
  • Distance: 20-25 km
  • Railway station: The nearest railway station is Dehradun
  • Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

Best time and season to do Kedarkantha trek

The Kedarkantha trek is one of the rare treks in the Indian Himalayas that may be done throughout the year. Excluding July and August, the Kedarkantha trek is open for 10 months of the year. The ten months are then divided into four seasons —

  • Winter – December to February
  • Spring – March and April
  • Summer – May and June
  • Autumn – Mid September to November

How To Reach To Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek is not very difficult. You can easily reach the base campsite using the local transportation once you are in Dehradun.

By Air:

‍The near-at-hand airport is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, which is around 25 kilometres from the city. Dehradun is served by a regular aircraft from Delhi. To go to the base camp, one may need to use a cab or take public transportation after reaching Dehradun.

By Train:

From Delhi take the train to Dehradun. There are frequent trains that go from Delhi to Dehradun, so you can take an overnight or a regular train from Delhi to Dehradun and then take a private vehicle or bus to Sankri.

By Road:

First, take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun on an everyday basis. And after arriving in Dehradun, you can take public transportation or rent a private vehicle to get to Sankri.

Things To Carry On Kedarkantha Trek

Mandatory Documents

Please bring the following documents with you

  • Photocopy of government photo identification card
  • Foreigners need a passport and a visa
  • Medical certification
  • Certificates of Declaration

Necessary Items for trekkers

  • Backpack – A journey requires a backpack with all the necessary things for enough support.
  • Sturdy Trekking Shoes – The shoes should be solid and provide sufficient support. People sometimes wonder if sports shoes would be comfortable, but it is best to pack the convenient trekking footwear.


  • Trek Pants – Jeans are never the right option for a journey, as you’ll need at least 2-3 pairs of trekking trousers for the shorter treks and more for longer ones.
  • Jacket – Jackets are essential to have on a hike since they protect you from the cold climate. So, if you’re going on a week-long hike, bring two coats with you.
  • Layers of warm Clothing – Warm woollen layers should be carried. Carry more than one layer in the winter (at least two to three) and fewer garments in the summer.
  • T-Shirts – Bring your quick-drying and comfy t-shirts.

Other necessary items

  • Hiking Pole
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Slippers
  • Woollen and Waterproof Gloves
  • Socks (Woollen and Regular)
  • Sunscreen(to protect yourself from the sun)
  • Torch headlight
  • Personal Toiletry Items
  • Personal Medical Kit- It should contain all the necessary medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Tips For Kedarkantha Trek

  • Bring plenty of warm clothing if you’re going on the Kedarkantha trek in December as the temperature ranges from 15°C to – 5°C.
  • Always have an expert and guide for a better understanding of the unfamiliar location.
  • Carrying out additional energy cells for the flashlight and torch will be essential, as low temperatures can cause cells to slow down.
  • Because the weather is cold and freezing out there, it’s a good idea to maintain a good supply of moisturiser on hand to keep your skin healthy and smooth.
  • Carrying additional store food and dry items is a must.
  • Keep enough money with you so that you do not run out of money in the middle of your trek.
  • This type of journey should be avoided by anyone with a heart condition, high blood pressure, or ellipses.
  • Due to the low temperature, trekking at night time is not recommended.


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