6 Types of Car Parts One Needs to Know About


You know your car parts, but do you know them like the back of your hand? This list lets you brush up on the basic terminology and get acquainted with some new parts. Toyota parts range from basic and essential parts like bumpers to complex ones like radiators.

6 Types of Car Parts One Needs to Know About


A bumper is a device attached to the front of a motor vehicle, designed to absorb impact energy and provide a smooth and safe transition from the vehicle’s frame to the ground. Bumpers do not have an aesthetic function in all modern designs, though they may serve as an aerodynamic aid or styling feature.

While bumpers are still found on cars today, they are now rarely used for protection; instead, their primary purpose is to prevent scrapes when parking. A bumper can also refer to something that serves as a warning or reminder.


Headlights are a crucial part of your car, allowing you to see what’s ahead of you on the road. If a headlight is broken or damaged, it can be replaced by a professional at an auto shop. However, if the damage is minor and can be repaired at home—such as replacing a bulb—you might want to attempt this task yourself instead of paying for labour costs.

Toyota parts, including headlights, aim to provide light while driving your vehicle at night or in poor weather conditions (such as heavy rain); headlights also have another essential function: They help keep other drivers aware of where your car is located on the road! This makes them extremely useful when travelling through neighbourhoods with limited visibility due to darkness or inclement weather conditions, such as foggy mornings after snowfall during winter months when trees still have leaves on them, blocking sunlight from reaching the pavement below so that street signs may not be visible until closer distances which could cause collisions between vehicles approaching intersections without having enough time.


A car’s bonnet is the hood of a car. It is usually made of metal and protects the engine from the elements. While it can be part of the body, it is often not considered part because it does not have to be removed to access the engine.


Fenders are plastic or metal coverings that protect the wheels and engine. They’re usually found on the front and rear of the car and are often painted to match your vehicle’s body colour. Most fenders are made of hard plastic or metal, but some newer car models use flexible polymers to reduce weight.

Fenders can sometimes be very expensive if you need to replace them due to damages caused by accidents or other mishaps, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for cracks in them before they cause severe problems with your vehicle’s structure.


  • Radiator: The radiator is a metal box to cool down your car’s engine.
  • Water pump: A water pump is responsible for circulating coolant around the engine and heating the coolant before it goes back into the radiator.


Grilles are the metal frames you see on many cars, which help protect the radiator. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance, as they’re often used to hide or emphasise certain parts of a car.

Grilles come in two primary forms: mesh grilles and honeycomb grilles. Mesh is simply a screen that covers part of your radiator for aesthetic purposes; honeycombs are grids made up of many tiny openings that allow airflow from the engine compartment into your car’s cabin without letting dirt get in.


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