Virtual Events-Overview, Segments Analysis and Opportunities


As we are all aware that what kept us all going through these tough times during the pandemic were the VIRTUAL EVENTS either at the personal or the professional level.

So, first of all, let’s understand what are these events?

A virtual event is basically an online event organized using a web-based platform to share information and solve problems, that involves people from anywhere in the world interacting with each other on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. It is the digital simulation of a physical event.


Next comes the requisites to host a virtual event.

The basic necessity to hold a virtual event is a web platform like Remo, Spatial Chat, Attendease, Cadence, Balloon, Dreamcast, Hoppin, Event Farm, Pathable, Meeting Play, and many more. Amongst all, Dreamcast is a perfect platform that provides you with everything from all types of background customizations to live streaming to creative inputs as per your requisitions and taste of choice.

The elements that make up a virtual event include an event website, event registration, live polling, recorded content, interactive video conferencing, live presentation content, Q & A sessions, etc. The Dreamcast team is an expert in managing and executing all these elements perfectly.

Now, why has holding virtual events become a trend these days?

These events were being organized earlier too but the pandemic has scaled them up to another level ranging from family meets, online classes, online examinations, virtual graduation events, virtual team meetings, virtual annual general meetings, and even virtual job fairs, as well as virtual exhibitions, are trending nowadays.

The importance and benefits of Virtual Events:

Given the current global scenario, virtual events have proven a boon to all sorts of communities all around the world whether; they are educationists, scientists, economists, IT professionals, or even artists, be it singers, painters, dancers, or actors, local artisans and many more.

The digital era began quite early with the advent of internet services but the pandemic brought the boom, making it a necessity for one and all.

The virtual events bring with them a huge bag of benefits too. One can attend all the necessary as well as important meetings, and discussions from the safety of their own nesting place owing to the current situation.

The pandemic has proven a blessing in disguise for the global virtual events market.
Virtual events have also helped in optimum utilization of the resources, saving time, enhanced communications among a large group of people, increase in the productivity; a live recording of the meetings is quite beneficial for the attendees, also on cutting down the travel expenditures as well as many other foreseen and unforeseen expenses.

As mentioned earlier too, global connect is one of the major pros of online events. One doesn’t have to totter around the globe unless and until absolutely necessary, and can easily give as well as receive path-breaking ideas at the click of a button from the best of the brains related to her or his area of expertise.

Virtual Event Segments:

Virtual event segmentation can be done on the basis of event types into webinars, Conferences, Virtual Fairs & Fests, Virtual AGMs, Virtual Exhibitions, etc.

Another sort of segmentation can be based on End-use like educational institutions, organizations, enterprises, etc.

Then the segmentation can also be done on the basis of industrial segments like Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Media & Entertainment, etc.

Which Platform to choose from?

The platform should be a one-stop place to cater to all your needs. Platforms like Dreamcast are quite interactive with live streaming services and would be highly recommended. They provide you with 100% customization of everything, right from the creation of the platform, to its features as well as its functionalities. A thoroughly professional team is dedicated by them to the client for fulfilling all their needs and turning their event into a dream event.

Dreamcast can prove to be a great aid in increasing attendee participation by offering some compelling event content, leveraging quizzes to hold attention spans, promoting interactive Real-Time sessions, providing easy access to on-demand content, and keeping attendees informed with push notifications and can also use gamification to increase engagement.

Amongst many other common platforms like Socio, Keystone, Meeting Play, Events case, and many more. DREAMCAST is one of the best platforms in this industry for hosting and organizing all kinds of Virtual events which provides outright customization of every basic requisite.

For instance;

Virtual AGM Platform for the organization of your annual general meetings, Virtual Exhibition Platform for the best possible display of your exhibits with complete descriptions, Virtual Fair Platform for holding up job fairs, art fairs, book fairs, etc. digitally in a well compiled and an interactive manner.

Dreamcast specializes in hosting and organizing a wide array of events over different genres. They have been working with the corporate sector providing them with a surreal experience of Virtual Events. They assure their clients of the best in class smooth and free-flowing services.

Virtual meetings have time and again proven to be a highly important constituent of any organizational hierarchy. They have been taking place since the advent of the digital era and mushrooming of multinational companies (MNCs) all over the globe but these virtual meetings were and are also a savior for all the types of consortiums since the pandemic started spreading its wings all around.

The Dreamcast team can make your virtual event a 360-degree tour and create a complete 3D environment to recreate the experiences of a physical show. They can also create a 100% customizable interface based on your business needs and budget.

It helps the exhibitors add their brand logo, colors, and content to offer a personalized touch to trade shows. These are some of the basic attributes that are mentioned above; further modifications can be made as and when needed. Their platform is quite user-friendly and highly interactive resulting inconvenient discussions.

Live streaming services provided by Dreamcast act as a prime medium for expanding our reach to the billions out there and are one of the perfect means of reaching the masses in budgeted resources.

Concluding Remarks:

Virtual events are the need of the hour due to the current scenario, global work culture requisites, optimal utilization of resources, and digitalization of the service industry. They are of great benefit for people from every nook and corner of the world to connect and enlighten one another, thus proving the statement that “Technology has shrunk the world to your palm.” Virtual events varying from webinars, webcasts, Virtual Meetings, Virtual Graduation Ceremonies, Virtual AGMs, Virtual Job Fairs, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Exhibitions have kept the system breathing and the world economy on its feet throughout this tough era of physical and mental stress.

According to Google Trends, the world is oscillating towards virtual events more and more.


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