Tom Cruise, Another Upcoming Exciting Project


Tom Cruise is an actor who needs n introduction at all. Even the people who are not fans of Hollywood movies will have an idea of Tom Cruise. He is a very enthusiastic actor, and not only is this, despite being at the age of 50, but he is also doing a fabulous job in his movies.

The latest movie by Tom Cruise that was released was Mission: Impossible Fallout in the year 2018.  This movie was a big hit and amounted to being raved a lot by the fans of Tom Cruise. This movie is comprised of some amazing stunts that Tom Cruise performed and he is known for these Maverick Costume.

tom cruise

After the reason of this 2018 movie of Tom Cruise came Covid and because of the halts in production and lack of visitors in cinema, his movies faced a little delay. However, now, as everything has subsided, new movies will be released, and these will be a significant addition to his collection.

Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick will be released on 27 May 2022 and has been looked forward to by the fans for a long. This will be a sequel to the movie Top Gun: Maverick, released more than thirty years ago. Tom Cruise did a fabulous job that time, and it is expected that even this time, he will be unique.

In this movie, Maverick is stuck on a mission. The lead role of Maverick will be performed by none other than Tom Cruise. This mission would be a whole lot of adventure for him because either he will come out of it successfully, or he may face a tragic end.

During the entire scenario, he will be thinking about all the past moments and the death of his perfect friend.  This movie’s sequel has been in process since 2010; however, nothing fruitful has happened. Now, as the acting of Tom Cruise will be featured as a pilot, the producers have brought this movie a reality. The stunts of Tom Cruise would be enjoyed thoroughly by all his fans.

Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7, also known under the name of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, will be released on 14th July 2023. It is the expected date of this movie’s release and amounts to be a much-awaited movie since February 2020. The production of this movie was halted in 2020 because of the lockdowns in Italy.

We all know that Tom Cruise is a brave and very adventurous individual. He has made all the efforts he could to prove his amazing stunts. He has been observed flying, climbing the tallest buildings, and climbing the cliffs without any protective gear. Therefore, imagining him being one of the finest actors is not wrong. His stunt, followed by his acting skills, is why millions of fans wait for his movies to release.

He is one of the most amazing actors to date that, despite reaching the age of 50, is fit and still ready to feature the stunts. The storyline of Mission Impossible 7 is not yet out, but it is for sure that the cast will be featuring many members of IMF, and this is going to be something great for the people who have been watching every series of this movie religiously.

Mission Impossible 8

As you read it right, Mission Impossible 8 is waiting to release right after Mission Impossible sets up in the cinemas. The two movies, Mission impossible 7 and Mission Impossible 8, were meant to release in 2021 and 2022, as tweeted by Tom Cruise. However, the producers couldn’t release it because of the prevailing circumstance.

However, now these both will release in 2023 and 2024. Therefore, the upcoming years are backed with good options to watch in cinemas. Especially if you were a fan of Tom Cruise, you would love watching his movies one after the other.

This sequel of Mission Impossible 8 will somehow be related to the Mission Impossible 7 and will be an attraction for sure for the fans of Tom Cruise.

Luna Park

Luna Park is also expected to release soon, although no tentative dates are suggested. It is still in progress and will soon be featured on cinema screens. This movie is based on the concepts of science and fiction and hence will prove to be an interesting choice. Many people are inclined towards this movie who knew that it was meant to release. However, now, at least waiting is the only thing that can be done for Luna Park.

Live Die and Repeat, a Sequel of Edge of Tomorrow

The fans of Edge of Tomorrow would have an idea of the nature of the movie. It did not gain sufficient applause from people, as usual, the Tom Cruise movies get, but still, it made its way to some excellent scores at the box office.

As the first version of this movie was based on science and fiction, the second would also follow the same genre but with a different name. In addition, the love for Tom Cruise will attack many fans to have a look at this stunt in a science and fiction movie.

There is a long list of movies that Tom Cruise has done and will be doing that is expected to release soon. Therefore, when looking at his stunts and acting skills, there are so many options to consider.


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