The Strange and Surprising History of the Copium Twitch Emote


Let’s see what copium means on Urban Dictionary! Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect recently got the Internet buzzing again when he used the copium Twitch emote in his live stream, but let’s dive into the fascinating history of this emote and what it means in detail on Urban Dictionary. By looking at that sentence and its use of copium, it is clear why people today might be confused about the meaning of the word. To people who don’t know what is copium meaning, it is used in the following sentence

How did streamers on Twitch use hand symbols before copious?

In the past, streamers on Twitch would use Kappa to imply sarcasm. Kappa is a symbol for a face, much like the English question mark. Although it began in chatrooms, the word Kappa was popularized by StarCraft commentator Husky StarCraft in 2008. Yet how did people communicate with these emotes before 2008? In order to answer that question, we need to go back to 2006.

How did the copium meaning come about?

It was created by a user named cop as a way to better express his personality when streaming on Twitch. In addition to seeing himself on chat, when other users saw how much he enjoyed seeing himself in chat, they started making variations on his username- for example, by adding an exclamation point (cop!). It didn’t sit well with him, so he made another form with two exclamation points (Cop!!). It became so popular because it reminded people of things you might say after someone tells you a funny joke or story.

Why was it banned from Twitch?

The copium twitch emote is a helpful tool for moderators who want to clear chat quickly by using a friendly and not disruptive way to let an individual or several individuals know that they need to stop talking. This is one of many emoji options for Twitch, but the copium emote is immediately recognizable by anyone who knows it is for use by moderators. Word Copium has no meaning outside of Twitch chat, but there are theories to explain its origin also in copium urban dictionary. Let’s take a look at some possibilities.

Is there a way to get copious unbanned from Twitch?

The copium emote also called hopium has been used on Twitch for a long time, since it started out as a black man dancing in handcuffs. After it was promoted to an official Twitch emote, it’s nearly impossible to see anyone using it by accident. And yet, copium still manages to show up on many unsuspecting individuals. Why is that? So what’s going on behind the scenes? Let’s find out here. Essentially, this all begins with one thing: support. However, if you take it all the way back, it actually started hundreds or even thousands of years ago, when our ancestors first danced for one another.

Where can I see copious?

A twitch copiumemote is a non-standard emote for Twitch, meaning it is not readily available for use in chat but can still be accessed by entering its name. Due to how it works, copious isn’t supposed to work across all clients, though many viewers have reported seeing copious in chat if they use open broadcaster software. Yet copious has somehow become one of the most used emotes on Twitch, including in official events like many major esports tournaments. Nevertheless, they’re rarely found outside of chat since emotes of such magnitude don’t exist in Twitch as part of its own system.



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