Renovate Your Bedroom With A New Designer Dressing Table


A designer dressing table is the best compliment for the room. It is an accessory where a person either a male or a female, grooms themselves. Most women are fond of mirrors because they want to check them out every time they dress up. Before leaving for the office or any outing or occasion, we want to look perfect.

Designer Dressing Table

Women always want to look attractive and the dressing table is helpful for that. It makes a woman confident about themselves and feels their beauty. Add this admirable beauty to your place and make it a lively place. These reflectors are available in a wide variety and various designs.

It is a necessity for a home and an essential part of the décor. Wall Mantra has many trending swanky designs for dressing tables that can fit in your room. We have a diverse range from simple to luxurious designs that can blend perfectly with your current décor of the room.

Gone are the days when we didn’t need any designer-dressing mirrors for viewing ourselves. Now mirrors become the latest modern trend and it adds a statement to the décor. Select a dressing table based on your personality and make it a part of your home. The material and design should be by your furniture.

There are certain benefits of keeping a dressing mirror in your room

For grooming
This is a vital aspect of our life and can’t be ignored. There is an attached shelf or vanity to the mirrors which makes it very handy. You can keep all your necessary products and accessories that are required daily. Also with such stylish designs, it adds beauty to the space.

As a beauty décor
Not only does it have a functional aspect but also a charming and delicate décor. It gives an upscale and complete look to your dwelling. Selecting from the different hues, like darker shades of the frame give a comforting and warm look. Similarly, a lighter shade gives more of a vibrant ambiance.

Adds value to your abode
It makes a space valuable and creative by adding such designer reflectors. There is not a single instance that these mirrors don’t go unnoticed. They just enhance the décor of the dwelling.

On-wall mantra, we have different styles, shapes, patterns, and sizes. There is a wide variety of products that are available at the best prices and maximum benefit. These products are unique and different in their way. We assure you that you will not find such diversity anywhere else.

Have a look at a few pointers according to Vastu

Buy a new designer mirror with multifunctional shelves to enhance the beauty of your room. You can use the shelves for keeping your grooming products or certain décor items like planters or other miniature items. This makes a dresser impressive by just not keeping it restrictive to the functional aspect only.

  1. According to Vastu, it is advised to place any mirror, spiritual painting, or clock in the northeast or east direction only.
  2. Avoid placing it near a staircase or under it.
  3. Keep it clean and tidy for better resolution and visibility.
  4. The mirror should not lean forward. If you want to place such pieces then you can hang them on the wall but avoid such leaning reflectors.
  5. Keep it above the ground like certain feet above the floor. Avoid touching the mirror on the floor.
  6. A room should not have two or three mirrors opposite each other. It is a sign of inviting negativity into the home.
  7. Don’t place the mirror in front of the bed such that the reflection of a person who is lying on the bed, is seen in the mirror. It is also not considered positive.
  8. Avoid placing it in study rooms as it is distracting or hinders concentration.

If you have a strong belief in Vastu, then you can keep these pointers in mind and change the décor of the place. We have given you the best suggestions that will help you out in designing your home.

Buy these designer dressing tables online

These essential pieces are a good option to keep and have many additional benefits. Wall Mantra has many varieties of designer wall mirrors which you can go through and browse on our official website. We have many designs with various characteristics which you can select based on your preference.

A home is a place where you can showcase your personality and creativity. So, don’t have a second thought and just choose your favorite piece at minimal prices from the wall mantra. We have other products also that furnish your home. You can go through our collection and completely change or renovate the interiors of your place.

It is often said that a change is always good. We often get bored with old patterns and furnishings of home and chuck out life. So, the wall mantra brings you all the required products from bed linen, and curtains to all others like wall clocks or paintings. The décor items are unique and have a style that will complement your home.


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