Pizza Marketing Strategies To Boost Customer Interest and Increase Orders


If you want to succeed in the pizza restaurant industry, one of the most crucial things you should focus on is marketing. Any person who craves a slice will have plenty of options on their radar, and typically, the store that resonates the most with a consumer becomes their go-to pizza spot. This brand awareness often lends its success to effective marketing through both traditional and digital mediums.

Running a pizza shop means you’re not only competing against similar stores for customer interest but also with restaurants that sell other cuisines. Make sure your name stands out by using modern marketing strategies that are sure to drive up your traffic and increase your sales.

Provide Menu Customization

Some people enjoy standard choices on the pizza menu, while others prefer something a little more personalized. The best thing to cater to the latter is by making menu customization available through your ordering app or site. This way, your customers can customize their orders by choosing what kind of crust, extra toppings, and size they want.

There are also other choices you can provide through your customizable menu. Some brands offer half-and-half options, which feature different flavor varieties on separate halves of the same pizza. Per-slice options are also available for customers who don’t wish to purchase a whole pizza.

Invest in Professional Food Photography

In modern marketing, visual advertising has a massive impact on most consumers. As promotions are accessible through social media platforms, it becomes easier to appeal to people if your posts pique their interests.

One way to entice people into trying your pizza products is to invest in professional photography. This way, every image you put out through marketing will capture the delectable quality of your food, which can drive up orders from hungry customers.

Create Group Deals and Meal Bundles

Group packages are a time-tested marketing method in the pizza restaurant industry. One common theme for this tactic is the “buy one, get one free” promo, which works as pizza is typically a multi-person food item. Customers who take advantage of these cheaper deals are more likely to order drinks or desserts, so they may still spend extra despite the initial bargain.

Affordable meal bundles are also implemented by many food stores. You can offer a set that consists of pizza, chicken wings, French fries, and drinks, or pairings of menu items at a lower price.

Offer Discounts and Free Delivery

Two marketing ideas guaranteed to capture customer attention are regular discounts and free delivery services. You can offer discounts on specific days of the week, such as 20% off all pizzas every Friday or 10% off the whole menu every Tuesday. Limited edition promos are also effective, as they easily tempt consumers due to their short-lived exclusivity.

In most pizzerias, free delivery as a marketing tactic often follows a few requirements. Typically, it is only viable for food orders that exceed a set price value. The service is also available to entice first-time buyers into ordering or through free coupons distributed to increase customer reorders.

Optimize Your Social Media Platform

Using social media is a great way to interact with your consumer base. For example, Facebook and Instagram posts can bring eyes to new menu items, special pizza promos, and various events. You can also run targeted advertising on social media channels directed to patrons in your immediate area. Don’t forget to add applicable hashtags to increase your post’s reach and views.

Utilize Email Marketing

One method that’s not as prominently used is email marketing. While a bit old-school, the tactic still produces excellent results. You can use emails to send customers weekly or monthly newsletters or updates about your restaurant. This way, you can promote new menu products, deals, and events consistently and conveniently.

Track Your Reviews

Online feedback can have a lasting impact on your business. Make sure to monitor what customers are saying about your store. Committing to a review response strategy will help you engage and maintain your customer network. It also allows you to address negative comments and develop a course-correct approach based on the criticism of your pizzeria.

Effective Marketing Expands Your Brand in the Pizza Restaurant Industry

A good balance between the tactics mentioned above is a surefire way to boost customer interest in your brand. You’ll cover more ground by doing traditional methods and modern moves, so be bold and try everything to make the most of your marketing. If you need professional advice, talk to a reputable expert in the pizza restaurant industry to learn more about customer-driven marketing.


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