List of Best Kenstar Air Cooler in India


The majority of individuals find the job of getting the right air cooler for their home to be a herculean task. It requires a lot of market research and product information. However, you can easily get the best air cooler online with the right guidance.

Investing in the best brands like Kenstar will help you in the long run. Also, you can find the Kenstar cooler price in a very affordable range which is another major plus. To help you get a detailed idea, we have listed out the best Kenstar air cooler in India that you can consider buying for your house. Check it out!

Kenstar cooler price

  • Kenstar Snowcool 90 Air Cooler:

The Kenstar Snowcool 90 is one of the best if you want to buy an air cooler online. It features a massive 90 litres water storage tank, honeycomb cooling pads, and a unique grille design with detachable sides. Also, the Kenstar cooler price goes hand-in-hand with your budget. This air cooler by Kenstar will help you deal with the disturbing heat this summer! Also, it will make sure you do not rush to refill the tank every two hours!!

  • Kenstar Desert Air Cooler:

This air blower by Kenstar will add to your home’s overall appearance because of its rustic red design. If you are into subtle interiors, the Kenstar air cooler is a home appliance and a showpiece. It has a storage of 50 litres, a three-speed setting, and low power consumption. Moreover, Kenstar gives you a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on this air cooler! You can also check out this air cooler online on the Kenstar website.

  • Kenstar Personal Air Cooler:

If you are looking for a personal air cooler online, consider the Kenstar air blower. This air cooler offers you a 40 litres water tank, an air throw of up to 11 ft, and one year manufacturer’s warranty! Moreover, the slimline shape and compact design make this cooler the perfect option for your room! Do not worry about your budget because the Kenstar cooler price will agree! This best personal air cooler is the right choice if you have a low requirement.

  • Kenstar Tower Air Cooler:

Millennials want everything to be trendy and up-to-date. Kenstar understands this requirement and has launched the tower air coolers! If you want a sleek blower for your room (that gives you icy-cool air, check out the tower air cooler online. The tower blower by Kenstar has water storage of 15 litres, three-speed settings, and can cool an area of 150 sq. ft. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty! It is one of the most attractive air coolers that you can buy in India.

  • Kenstar Hercules 100 Air Cooler:

If you are looking to avoid the hassle of filling up the water tank twice every day, look for the Kenstar Hercules 100 air cooler online. It has a 100 litres water tank! Additionally, the Kenstar cooler price will make you go ‘Wow’ with surprise because it is pocket-friendly! This Kenstar blower will ensure you get cool air for days without interruption. The Hercules 100 air cooler is the best choice if you have a large family and wide rooms. Since the tank capacity is higher, you need not refill the water frequently.

  • Kenstar Personal Air Cooler:

Personal air blowers are a necessity nowadays. If you want a sturdy and compact air blower for your room or study room, the personal air cooler by Kenstar is the one! It has a 35 litres water tank that will run for hours. It has three-speed settings to help you get through all kinds of days. Also, it has a four-way air deflection to ensure optimum cooling. The Kenstar cooler price will not disturb your budget too! The best part is that the Kenstar personal air cooler has wheels! Therefore, you can shift the blower in your home, indoors or outdoors.

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