How to Open MDB File Without MS Access?


What is MDB File Extension?

MDB is a Microsoft Access Database File. It is the standard extension for MS Access Files for 2003 and earlier versions. The latest version of MS Access software uses the ACCDB format.

One MDB file can contain database queries and tables. It is also able to store hyperlinks to and the information from other files, such as XML or HTML. In addition, it can also contain hyperlinks to other applications, such as Excel or SharePoint.

With these capabilities, there’s you can see why everyone is able the option of storing their data in MDB files. MDB files.

Let’s learn some of the methods that are free for opening MDB files with no Access while reading on.

How to Open MDB File Without MS Access

How do I open an MDB File without MS Access with DIY Free Strategies?

There are many instances in which you don’t have access to the Microsoft Access application to retrieve or restore or restore your MDB file. In order to help the majority of users, We have come up with these free solutions.
The following methods will help you recover the MDB file(s) but without access.

Method 1: Open the MDB file in Excel

It is possible to use the platform for free for MS excel to retrieve your MDB file. However, the MDB file could be saved in the form of a spreadsheet.

To utilize the Excel application to open MDB files, use the following steps: MDB file, follow the steps below:

  1. Then, run the Microsoft Excel application.
  2. The next step is to go to the Data tab. Then, under the Get External Data section, click on the Access Database option.
  3. Then, browse the MDB as well as ACCDB file on your system and then click on Open.
  4. You must select the table, then add it to your Excel spreadsheet. Press OK.
  5. The required data will be added and appear in the spreadsheet.

Hurrah! The information contained in your MDB files is available as. XLS as well as. XLSX format. It is possible to view your MDB file today.

If you’re uncomfortable with this method then proceed to the next technique.

Method 2: Start the MDB using Notepad

The text editor simple Notepad could help you out as well. Although Notepad is a simple text editor, it has only basic information it is able to display at the very least absolutely nothing. When your MDB file contains only basic text, the following steps can help make Notepad an option to save the MDB file.

  1. The first step is that you must right-click the MDB as well as the ACCDB file.
  2. Next, select the Open by option and select Notepad to open it.

While you’ll be able to browse any files in text format but the output is usually messy and difficult to read.

If you’re not happy with the result, then move to the next step for opening MDB the file without MS.

Method 3: Take advantage of online

The Internet will help you open MDB files using the help of the site: MDB To do this, you require an internet connection and a functioning internet connection. It’s a great solution for those working on a shared computer or who don’t have administrator access to install the software. To access the MDB opener online, you must: MDB opener, follow these steps:

  1.  Open the link by typing –
  2. Then, browse then the MDB file at the system’s location and click the Start button. When you’ve done that it will display an overview of the MDB information to the users.

The only restriction to this method is that you are able to only see the file in limits of up to 25MB.

The limit on the size of your file didn’t help then try the next approach.

Option 4: Open MDB Files using Libre Office

A free office suite that is open-source, the Libre Office application is available for download for users at no cost. Libre Office can be used with Libre Office to open your MDB file. It allows users to create, modify and edit MDB files. Additionally, it allows this application for sorting, altering the search, filter as well as importing as well as exporting MDB files.

However, free online resources can be contaminated by online dangers.

We have also discovered an alternative that is more secure in opening MDB files. Learn more about it later.

Method 5 Read MDB Files using MDB Viewer Tool

By using the techniques mentioned above you will see the limitations. You must also remember the procedures which require technical knowledge. Some provide a plain text, others may provide services with limitations on file size. However, what if you could get an immediate solution with no limitations by using MDB Viewer Tool? Learn about the functions that are available in the MDB Viewer which makes it an ideal choice for a user.

  1. It allows you to get access to MDB as well as ACCDB files.
  2. Simply opens every version MS Access file.
  3. It helps you browse and retrieve damaged MDB files.
  4. The option to readability is available for MDB files, without assistance from Access.

Not just that, but you can also make use of an MDB Viewer Tool to view MDB files of any size.


MDB files are crucial for storing massive amounts of data as files. If you do not own Access software, then you could consider opening MDB files with MS Access. We’ve shared with you free ways to gain access rights for MDB files without having to install MS Access. We suggest you install an 100% secure and safe Access Database Recovery Tool to get back your corrupt MDB files. We hope this article has assisted you to open MDB files using MS Access. Encourage others to forward it to your friends who are having the same issue.


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