Being a working mother can be a task of extreme challenges. You can feel like there is too much on the plate. Things might also seem out of control because you have to work as a nurturer, an employee, or an entrepreneur. Yet, you must stay put and always prove capable of doing everything you’re assigned. But, just as impossible as it may seem, you can keep your kids entertained as you work.


There are specific tips and tricks you can ace at becoming a mom on the go. Even after the responsibilities are as significant as an individual to handle, you can prep yourself to balance both. Not only this, but by reading this article to the end, you can come across various ways of dealing with the dilemma. Also, you may achieve the perfect work and personal life balance without much hassle.

Put Imaginative Play to Work

Children have an imaginative world that they find intriguing. The most important part of their imagination is their belief that it somewhere exists. The feeling is further strengthened when they get someone to play along with. Hence, they will surely react if you allow them to be creative and help them make this world wider.
Also, let them put their cognitive skills to work by putting some questions. They get so busy finding answers that they lose track of time. While they’re so busy playing along the imaginary hustle, you can simultaneously do your work and sit in peace. This play can include making a castle, where the kids play with toys and feel like the kingdom’s monarch.

Some Art & Craft Will always be attractive.

Another engaging task kids love to do is art and craft. They find themselves lost in making something that they see as creative. You can show them various kids’ shows where art and craft techniques are told. They can follow making the outcome in the most innovative ways. This will also help them form and polish some cognitive and creative skills. In turn, the kids can also improve their agility.
You can offer them clay of different colours, paper bits to paste, crayons and paints to draw, and more. However, keep them out of reach from sharp objects like paper cutters, scissors, compasses, and others.

Let Books, E-Books & Audio Books Help You

Children find themselves lost in stories. Once you tell them how it started, they want to know how it happened. Even in day-to-day life, kids want to know more about what happens around them. To make them involved in something they want to know, the best way is through the narration of stories. If your kid can read quickly, they can read some good story books with exciting pictures. E-Books are also a valuable source to keep them interested and the audiobooks will help them even when they want to fall asleep.

Observing and Imitating

To say, your kids will draw their first inspiration from you. You are their role model and even if you do not notice, they observe even the minutest of your actions. Therefore, make sure whatever you do before them is correct.
When you are working, make sure that you do it in peace. It helps them to stay calm as well. In addition, they will soon begin imitating you, which will enable them to remain tranquil and interested. Therefore, you can also do your work with total satisfaction.

Play, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

As the children play, they also get tired. Playing is something integral to a child’s life and should be appreciated. But with that, we must ensure that the kids also get their daily dose of relaxation. Also, they must get proper nutrition as well according to the physical activities they do. As a mother, you know the sleeping pattern of your child. Therefore, when your little one is asleep, you can carry out most of your tasks at those times.

Play Room

One of the best ways to help the work-life and personal balance is by providing your kid with a playroom. I have a different section dedicated to my daughter and her things in my office, with toys, vibrant interiors, and a zone where she can have fun. As she plays and rests, I ensure that I work and that she is always around me. I can reach out to her whenever I want and check on her daily routine.

I feel there is a particular need to address all the stigmas attached to a working woman. And one of them is understanding that a woman can manage her work and her child. I strongly believe in the potential of woman-kind, and I feel that her work can hinder her love for her child and vice versa.
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