How to Cast Your Phone Screen in a Virtual or Remote Meeting


If you have a modern mobile, you probably used Google Home, Samsung SmartView, or Apple Airplay to cast your mobile to a TV. Screen mirroring has been around for a long period of time, and it is dead easy for you to screencast your mobile or any device to a TV and show watch movies, family pictures, or even play games.

Remote Meeting

This simple task can be a very intricate process when it comes to our work lives! Many of us work for technology companies and who doesn’t have a dashboard or an app to demonstrate to a customer? Phone apps are critical regardless of your industry; everything from B2B, consumer, SaaS, retail, back end, front end, and even pet food!

There are a lot of challenges with hybrid or virtual or remote work. We are all stuck in endless remote or virtual meetings, but if you are in a job that requires you to demo your phone app during a virtual or remote sales presentation or customer onboarding session, how do you solve this problem? How do we show our amazing phone apps in all sorts of online or virtual meetings? It doesn’t matter if we are doing a discovery call, a demo call we are in a training session, or a customer success call. It is critical that the customer or the audience can easily understand what we say and what we mean.

What is a snap or break to do at home, screen mirroring to a TV using a ton of easy-to-use screen mirroring apps and devices, is almost impossible to accomplish or achieve in virtual or remote sales meetings. Some screen sharing or mirroring apps support phone screen casting but the functionality is best and very limited.

What are the best ways or methods?

Show your mobile
You can only describe what to do so much and wave your arms! You cannot describe every detail and give the customer or audience a visual experience. You can only possibly point your camera at the screen but is that worthwhile? Is that a great demo of your tech or technology? It can be much uncoordinated.

Take screenshots
Maybe you can tediously take screenshots or snap of your phone app and create a document. What will you do when there is an update? What if the customer or audience asks a question that you did not think of? This is not really an interactive or dynamic presentation.

Is this practical?

Bring your mobile to your online or virtual meetings!
What if you could bring your mobile into your virtual or online meeting? And just like in real life, put it on the table in front of your customer or audience and do a demo or take a presentation. What if you could make your customer feel like they are in front of you like in real life?

Reactiv SUITE can achieve this! The software supports every mobile or any device to mirroring standards. Miracast, Airplay, and Chromecast are tightly integrated into this app. No apps to install and no cables to connect with anything. This means that you can mirror your screen, layer in other content like manuals, and videos, and pin your camera as well.
Reactive SUITE allows you to create a sensory canvas and rich visual for your next virtual or hybrid meeting. You can indecisively bring up multiple types of media and content, manipulate these objects as easily as they were pieces of paper sheets, present any type of information or presentation and at all times pin your presence on the screen so the audience or customer can always see you in their direct line of sight.

Give them a great show and they’ll want to have more presentations like this. More importantly, they will remember your information or presentation more than what they heard from your competitors or participants who are not doing this!

You can easily see from the images above, Reactiv SUITE creates a clean and enticing hybrid or virtual presentation versus the cluttered screen sharing you are regularly used to.
The great thing about Reactiv SUITE is that you don’t have to build any new content or media! You can leverage everything you have and just use it in a way that no one does. Reactiv SUITE works with all of your Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, video content, and images as is. So, it is effective and incredibly easy to get started.

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